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Whether you are living in India or in a foreign country, it is always good to have knowledge of the Hindi language. Being proficient in writing and speaking the Hindi language will help you in strengthening your bond with Indian Culture. This is the reason why at Guru At Home, we provide the best online Hindi tutors for kids and adults who are looking to gain mastery of this Indian language. Guru At Home’s online Hindi Language tutors provides one on one live Hindi classes from the comfort of your home and at affordable prices.

Our motto is not just to give you Hindi tutorials online for your scores, but also to help you understand the beauty of the language.

Why Choose Guru At Home’s Online Tutoring Services to Learn Hindi?

Here are some of the reasons why to choose us –

  • Interactive One-on-One Live Classes
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Trained Tutors to Teach Hindi Language to Indian & Foreign Students
  • Use of whiteboard
  • Use of animated and interactive videos
  • Tips & tricks to memorize the grammar & language concepts
  • Quizzes for analyzing students’ performance
  • Completion of homework
  • Regular worksheets and tests
  • Revisions and multiple examples
  • Doubt solving sessions
  • Learn from experienced math tutors online
  • Weekly report to parents about student’s performance

Why Learn the Hindi Language?

Hindi is the mother tongue in India, just like English in England. Similarly, Hindi goes as easy for Indians in communication as English goes for English citizens. The difference is that English is universally spoken and taught, however, it’s not the same as Hindi. The limitations of communicating in Hindi are restricted to India only, but that doesn’t mean you cannot learn it while living in a foreign country like the USA, Canada, etc. The beauty of Hindi is never less than any other language. You can learn it easily and that too through an online Hindi teacher.

Now, if you’re wondering, it must be difficult to learn from an Indian native, so we assure you that our Hindi tutors are specially trained to teach Hindi to foreigners online. You can browse a number of Hindi learning courses online, but what makes us better than the others is “the quality we deliver to our learners.”

Online Hindi Classes For Kids

We also organize online Hindi classes for kids. Now there are not many tutors who provide online Hindi teaching classes, and it might become a little task to find the perfect one for you but here you can completely rely on us, we connect you with the best Hindi tutors online. You can also enroll in our online Hindi-spoken classes.

To find your perfect online Hindi teacher, contact us today.


What makes us better from the others is “the quality we deliver to our learners” . We connect you with the best Hindi tutors online at affordable prices.

Our lessons start at $7 per session.

The timings can be adjusted as per your convenience and preference.

One session is approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Yes. We can help you to reschedule the class if you inform us 2-3 hours prior.


MythriCalifornia, USA
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I always wanted my son to learn the Hindi Language, but due to work and a busy lifestyle, I did not get time to teach him. Since we are living in the USA and the Hindi learning courses here are very expensive, we decided to find an online Hindi tutor, and fortunately, we landed at Guru At Home's website and found their packages cost-effective. I enrolled my child in their classes, and now he is able to converse and write in the Hindi language.
Mr. ShanahanGurgaon, India
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From the 1st grade onwards, my child was weak in Hindi. She scores well in other subjects but lacks in Hindi. One of my friends referred me to Guru At Home's online Hindi Language Tutors, and my child really learned valuable things in class. I'm happy with her progress.
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