Our online tutoring services helps in the learning & growth of your child.

  • Online teaching services in around 7 countries
  • Live 1:1 sessions
  • Interactive sessions for each subject
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  • Learning with activities

It’s not easy to manage work, home & kids all together. And it is totally justified if you are unable to help them in their studies, and sending them out for tuition in such an environment (covid) is not safe. So, We are here to reduce your load, and help your child in their learning.

Guru at home is one of the best online tutoring websites which provides best online tutoring services in across seven countries. Our online teaching is entirely oriented towards your child’s learning & growth. Our live 1:1 sessions allow them to loosen their boundaries and explore new things with our live tutors online. If your child is in a learning period right now, it’s important for him/her to have the right guidance by their side, and if you are for some reason cannot make time to help them in their homework or lessons, please allow us to do that for you.

Our lessons are specifically designed for the different age groups of a student considering their age and their ability to learn. We connect you with private tutors online to help your child with their homework, lessons, study material, guidance etc. We consider it our responsibility to make sure that your child is learning right and improving every single day, and we assure you that your child is in the right hands with Guru at home. To know more about services and to enroll contact us today.


What makes us better from the others is “the quality we deliver to our learners” . We connect you with the best Hindi tutors online at affordable prices.

Our lessons start at $7 per session.

The timings can be adjusted as per your convenience and preference.

One session is approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Yes. We can help you to reschedule the class if you inform us 2-3 hours prior.