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Key Stage 1 is basically for kids in Years 1 and 2 who are 5 to 7 years old.

Key Stage 2 is basically for kids in Years 3 and 4 who are 7 to 11 years old.

Guru At Home’s Key stage 2 online tutoring program covers all the primary national curriculum topics for students in years 3, year 4, year 5, and year 6 who are basically aged 7 to 11 years old. Our KS2 online tutoring helps students to succeed in their final year of primary schooling and prepares them for the next key stage level or secondary school.

Guru At Home is the help your child needs for success in studies. Our online KS3 tutors are very professional in their work. They are experienced for the betterment of the child’s grades and for learning too.

Key Stage 3 is mainly designed for students in years 7, 8, and 9.In this stage, Math, Science, and English are considered the main subjects.

These subjects are important for building a strong foundation before stepping into GCSE-level learning and for all the next Key Stages.

If your little one faces difficulties in any of these subjects and seems to be weak in the algebra equations, English vocabulary, or Science topics, you have landed on the perfect platform. With our live one on one classes, you can now sit & relax and let us take care of your child’s learning journey.

Our KS3 online tutors tailor lessons according to the individual student’s needs in order to provide excellent private online tuition services.


Online Tutors for KS3 Maths

In order to assign the right KS3 math tutor, we will evaluate your needs. Through our free demo session an informal assessment will be conducted by the tutor to determine the pupil’s baseline.  Afterward, the tutor will develop a teaching and learning program specifically tailored to your child’s needs. List of topics covered in KS3 math classes is as follows:

  • Numbers
  • Algebra
  • Ratio, proportion and rates of change
  • Geometry and measures
  • Probability
  • Statistics

Online Tutors for KS3 English

Online English tutors at KS3 are a helpful tool many parents use to ensure their children are receiving individualized attention that helps them succeed. On request, parents and students can record their online lessons so they can re-watch them as many times as they like. If a student finds a concept challenging, they can rewatch their tuition sessions to refresh their memory. List of topics covered in KS3 English classes:

  • Reading – Word Reading & Comprehension
  • Writing – Transcription, Handwriting & Composition
  • Grammar and Vocabulary
  • Spoken English

Online Tutors for KS3 Science

Our KS3 science tutors are fully conversant with all the current key stage 3 requirements to help your child achieve learning goals. They put all their best efforts to provide the guidance and support your child may need in progressing on the academic journey.  List of topics covered in KS3 science classes including the core concepts of chemistry, physics and biology are as follows-


  • Cells and Organisation
  • The skeletal and muscular systems
  • Nutrition and digestion
  • Gas exchange systems
  • Reproduction
  • Health
  • Photosynthesis
  • Cellular respiration
  • Relationships in an ecosystem
  • Inheritance, chromosomes, DNA and genes


  • The particulate nature of matter
  • Atoms, elements and compounds
  • Pure and impure substances
  • Chemical reactions
  • Energetics
  • The Periodic Table
  • Materials
  • Earth and atmosphere


  • Calculation of fuel uses and costs in the domestic context
  • Energy changes and transfers
  • Changes in systems
  • Describing motion
  • Forces
  • Pressure in fluids
  • Balanced forces
  • Forces and motion
  • Observed waves
  • Sound waves
  • Energy and waves
  • Light waves
  • Current & Static Electricity
  • Magnetism
  • Matter: physical changes
  • Energy in matter
  • Space physics

Online Tutors for Year 7

It can be a challenge to learn subjects for KS3 when a child is still learning how to adjust to middle school. The overwhelming nature of these subjects can be reduced, however, with a tutor and guidance. Our Expert tutors will help you succeed at school with their extensive teaching experience. Following are the important topics we cover in our interactive one on one classes for Year 7 students-

English – Literature, Poetry, Language, Narrative, Non Fiction writing, Novels, Drama, Shakespeare etc

Math – Decimal & Percentages, Fractions, Algebra, Geometry, Measures and Statistics

Science– Energy, electricity and forces, Chemical and material behavior, Organisms, behavior and health, The environment, Earth and the universe

Online Tutors for Year 8

An effective tutoring session for year 8 students can boost their learning and encourage an interest in improving their grades. Students will be able to explore and refine their new skills independently with more confidence. We also ensure that we provide a positive, comfortable, and safe learning environment with the help of our highly motivated, certified, and experienced KS3 math, science & English tutors.


Our very hard-working and highly qualified tutors develop and implement new strategies and creative ideas. Your child will receive the best advice and assistance in his/her academic goals.

In online math classes, a student learns how to apply and analyze different math rules and excel in Mathematical areas like Number, Algebra, Geometry,  Ratio, Statistics & Probability. In Science they learn about physics, chemistry and biology in detail. Our English tutors help the students with the detailed teaching program of reading,writing(composition,vocabulary, punctuation, grammar),  speaking, transcription and spelling.

Moreover, they have the opportunity to investigate new concepts and topics that require deeper speculation before exams or tests.

Online Tutors for Year 9

The tutors at Guru At Home, focus on achieving an outcome that matches the requirements of each individual student at KS3 With easy-to-use lesson plans, live tutoring, and round-the-clock support, every student gets an in-depth understanding of fundamental concepts. Students in Year 9, receive individualized support from our expert tutors based on their learning goals and capabilities.

They can understand the underlying concepts of Numbers, typical Algebraic expressions, deep equations of Geometry & various types of Probability. The english curriculum covered in year 9 live classes evolve around literature, fiction, non fiction and descriptive/narrative writing.

Students receive tutoring for complex theorems in Mathematics.  Be it force fields & electromagnets of physics, chemical reactions of chemistry or analysis about cells, organ systems, genetics and evolution in biology, they get their one stop solution with our experienced and qualified science tutors.

Why Choose Guru At Home Online Tutoring Services for KS3 Tutoring?

If you are looking for the best KS3 online tutoring for little ones, then Guru At Home is a perfect solution provider for you. Our experienced and well qualified faculties have years of experience in providing top-notch online tutoring services in the UK. Our aim is to help learners of all ages and levels to reach their educational goals with affordable pricing.

Let’s discover why Guru At Home is a great choice for those who are seeking quality online tutoring services in the UK

Experienced Tutors

We have certified tutors who are able to customize their instruction to meet each child’s needs. Whether your child is struggling with a particular subject or just needs a little extra help to reach their full potential, Guru at Home Online KS3 Tutoring Services can help.

One-on-One Classes

Through our one-on-one classes we make sure that each and every student of Guru At Home is getting personalized attention and proper support by the teacher.

Personalized Learning Experience

With Guru At Home, students of all ages and levels can learn at their own pace. Our certified tutors understand that every student is unique and has different needs. Our KS3 teachers provide one-on-one attention and customized lesson plans.

To ensure your satisfaction, we provide a 100% money-back guarantee. We’ll refund your money if you’re unhappy with your first lesson.

Affordable Classes

In comparison with traditional private tutoring, online tutoring is very affordable. It is far cheaper to hire an online KS3 tutor than a local tutor. Our online tutoring classes are an excellent choice for students willing to learn from the top faculties at budget friendly prices.

At Guru At Home, we offer inexpensive and valuable classes with a promise to ensure your child’s achievement.

Learn From the Comfort of Your Home

Our online KS3 tutoring program is ideal for students who wish to study from home. Our experienced and certified teachers provide one-to-one instruction for each student. We also offer a convenient online tutoring platform for children. 

Flexible Schedules

With Guru At Home Online KS3 Tutoring, students have the flexibility to schedule their sessions. We understand that every student is different, and we will tailor our tutoring services to meet your specific needs. You don’t have to worry about fitting us into your busy life – we will make sure that we are available when it works for you.

This flexibility also extends to the subjects that you want to learn. Whether you need help with math, science, English, or any other subject, we will be able to assist you.

In short, Guru At Home offers you a one stop solution for your child’s learning with-

  • One-on-one classes customized to your individual needs
  • Expert tutors who are passionate about teaching
  • A flexible schedule that works around your commitments
  • Affordable rates

If you’re looking for personalized attention and the best possible results, book a Free Demo Class Today with our Course Experts.

How to Get Started with KS3 Online Tutoring?

Identify your learning needs & select your course(s).
Tell us about your requirements & preferences for the selected course or subjects.

Book a free trial to evaluate your upcoming lessons.


Start your academic journey and boost up your knowledge and skills with us.

Trusted By Parents

Mrs. ShellyParent
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"My son had been struggling at school and was in the lowest 10% of his class with his grades. He has been working with Guru At Home for about 6 months now, and his grades have improved to be above average. I am so happy that we found Guru At Home before it was too late.
Mr. GeorgeParent
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“Guru At Home is highly recommended. My child receives flexible, individual instruction from their tutors. Their teaching material is easy to access for children.”
Mr. VishalParent
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“There is a good alignment between the lessons and the curriculum. Every lesson starts with a tutorial and an example. Your child's progress is discussed regularly with you over the phone. It has been an amazing experience for us!”
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"My daughter learns year 8 math from MANSI K. She is always prepared for her sessions and sends notes afterward. I have no doubt to say that my daughter has got a wonderful tutor through Guru at Home.”
Mrs. PriyankaParent
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“I am grateful to Guru At Home for helping my kids in their studies They have a better understanding of lessons at school since they have already studied it at home.”


The pricing for our online ks3 1:1 tutoring classes starts from as low as £5.99 per session/hour.

You can easily pay via your debit/credit card through our secured payment gateway without any hustle.

Our experienced & qualified faculties for UK students include graduates & post graduates with specialization in their chosen subjects/courses.

The term of advance or upfront payments helps us book the time slots with the selected tutor so that your child can get continuous learning without any interruption of rescheduling or compromising with his/her current schedule.

With our easy refund policy, you can claim refunds for the remaining classes’ balance & we will make sure you get it within 48-72 hours without any cancellation charges or penalty.

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