Online 1:1 Classes For Kids During This Summer break

Online 1:1 Classes For Kids During This Summer break

Summer breaks classes are great ways for kids to have fun and learn new skills at the same time. Whether your child is interested in cooking, singing, sports, crafts, or activity that blends several of those things, there’s likely a class that caters to that interest. 

Taking kids’ to online summer break classes can help your child grow in a variety of different ways. From arts and crafts to sports, from cooking to computer coding, summer break classes for kids offer a variety of unique experiences for your child.

Guru at Home Presents: Summer Break Online Virtual Classes - Unlocking Academic Success for Students in Kindergarten, Elementary School, Middle School, and High School

Online Maths Classes in Summer 2023

It’s been a challenging school year, and we’re helping to fill the gaps of children who were struggling and challenging children with the potential to advance into higher levels. Make sure your child stays ahead this summer. Guru At Home summer maths classes is a 10-week course that teaches the main concepts of a particular grade. The classes are grade-specific; therefore, based on your student’s requirements, you may choose to go over the grade level they have just completed or advance by enrolling them at the grade they will be entering. Students will develop confidence and increase their problem-solving and logical thinking skills by playing fun logic games. Maths Online Classes are designed to enhance problem-solving skills to fill in gaps, enhance the ability to think analytically and logically, and inspire a love of maths.

Our Online Summer Course Mathematics program, offered by Guru at Home, is a fundamental subject that enhances logical reasoning and problem-solving abilities. The program covers a comprehensive range of topics, including arithmetic, algebra, geometry, statistics, and calculus. By employing real-life examples and practical applications, our tutors make math engaging and relatable, helping students build confidence and proficiency in mathematical concepts.

Online Science Classes in Summer 2023

Our Online Summer Course science program, offered by Guru at Home, introduces students to a fascinating world of discovery and exploration. From basic scientific principles to complex concepts, students delve into various scientific disciplines, such as biology, chemistry, and physics. Through hands-on experiments, virtual simulations, and engaging discussions, students develop a solid foundation in scientific inquiry and critical thinking.

Online Summer Courses for Grade 9 & 10

Online Summer Courses for Grade 11

Online Summer Courses for Grade 12

Online English Classes in Summer 2023

Our Online Summer Course English program, offered by Guru at Home, recognizes that effective communication skills are essential for success in all aspects of life. The program focuses on strengthening reading, writing, and comprehension skills. Through interactive reading sessions, vocabulary-building exercises, and essay writing practice, students develop their language proficiency and enhance their ability to express ideas clearly and concisely.

-Online Summer Course for Creative Writing & Public Speaking for Kids

Online AP Courses in Summer 2023

The Online Summer Advanced Placement (AP) Course offered by Guru at Home introduces an initiative overseen by the College Board. These specialized courses are designed for high school students and provide them with the opportunity to earn college credit and advanced placement in higher-level classes upon college enrollment.

AP courses offered in the Online Summer Course aim to replicate the experience of an introductory college-level class. By successfully passing the corresponding AP exam, students have the chance to earn college credit for the completed course, further enhancing their academic journey.

  • Online Summer Course for AP Calculus
  • Online Summer Course for AP Biology
  • Online Summer Course for AP Chemistry
  • Online Summer Course for AP Physics 1 & 2
  • Algebra based
  • Mechanics
  • Online Summer Course for AP Physics C

-Electricity & Magnetism

Coding Classes for Kids & Teens During Summer Breaks

Learn how to create websites and games this summer. Join the most entertaining and productive live summer classes or coding classes for kids. Get the most out of the summer by studying the fundamental terms and programming language, or diving into the subject of computer science that is in high demand.

  • Learn the most important programming concepts and languages to help you solve issues and find solutions.
  • Keep up with the ever-changing technology of computer science by examining new technologies such as those of Internet of Things, applied AI cloud computing, and more.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of principal programming languages that are applicable to careers in various areas, such as design, business as well as data analysis and much more.

Your child can learn advanced coding skills using Scratch, Python, JavaScript, C++, Minecraft, Roblox, and more! Join a small online course in programming that is extremely engaging and taught by an experienced professional instructor.

Online Chess Classes For Kids During Summer Break

Make your child’s summer interesting by participating in the Summer Online Chess classes! Students will be engaged in learning and improving their skills at the fascinating game like chess. Our chess instructors are certified and have been providers of chess training for the past 10 years. They will help your child in improving their chess abilities and assist them in developing maturity and gain important life lessons through their efforts. Chess classes are organised around six levels of knowledge in chess which gives students all the basic to advanced understanding of chess. We provide online chess classes for intermediate players, beginners as well as experienced kids!

Join Art n Craft Summer break Classes

If you love to create art, the art n craft summer classes organised by Guru At Home are for you. In these classes, you will find numerous arts-related activities that will ignite your creativity. Learn to make interesting crafts using recycled materials, design creatures from natural materials, create beads, mix cave paint and so on!

These exciting crafts for children are great for summer breaks and day breaks or simply to keep them entertained and off the electronic devices this summer.

The Art n Craft online Classes are designed to inspire creativity through art, the creation of projects and activities that are different every week. Kids have fun, master important artistic skills and are taught about the basic principles of art and visual expression, as well as famous artists and historical periods.

Summer Dance Classes - Classical , Semi-Classical , Western Dance

Are you looking for something for the summers ? Join the dance class! The summer is the ideal occasion to explore new ideas or to improve your technique. Here at Guru At Home, we offer a range of dance styles like jazz, ballet and acrobatics, hip-hop, classical , semi-classical as well as contemporary and lyrical dance classes online. We are thrilled to provide classes in the summer, half-day and full-day classes, workshops and intensives throughout the summer 2023 season.

Every day will be filled with dance,students will be exploring dance every week with an exciting and enjoyable theme ! The classes are led by our experienced, professional instructors, and we provide the lowest student-to-teacher ratio, assisted by our balance ambassadors.

Online Summer Music Programs 2023 – Learn Singing and How to Play Musical Instruments like Guitar , Piano Violin and more

Are you searching for a summer music program which will motivate and enhance your playing ability, or the playing for your children? Guru At Home will provide you with top-quality music programs offering guitar, violin, piano, drums, vocal courses online this summer. We invite you to browse around and find out more about these programs.

Music classes for summer help you improve your skills, increase your knowledge about music theory, help you prepare for auditions and much more. The music programs are for beginners who will go over the fundamentals of playing musical instruments with vocals and prepare students for private lessons or a school-based guitar program.

French Summer breaks & Classes for Toddlers, Kids, and Teens.

This summer is the time that you learn a new language. This summer allows your child to thrive and enjoy learning French at home..French Language Classes are available for all levels from absolute beginners to native French native speakers. Every day, children get one hour of French education in French (grammar reading, spelling, and writing) adapted to their stage of development and age

Spanish Language Summer Programs

Make your child’s summer interesting by learning a new language, or get proficient in Spanish. These programs are for summer aid in enhancing your Spanish, the grammar of your language as well as vocabulary as well as help you develop new skills for conversation.

Our Spanish Online classes offer all the advantages of our regular program , along with the excitement and fun that summer breaks bring. This program offers a fantastic chance for your child to spend their days in the Spanish spoken environment. The teachers will guide the children into the Spanish language in a non-threatening and yet difficult “Spanish only” environment

German Language Summer Programs 2023

To have a great and enjoyable option to spend your summer vacation Why not learn German? We offer Best German language online classes during the summer with an enjoyable time with tangible improvement in the ability to speak the German language. Our mission is to give your child significant German experience with a stress-free, enjoyable environment. Children with no prior exposure to language or any previous experience to German, and students who want to develop their German abilities in the summer months are welcomed. Contact us so that we can talk about the options available.

Learn Hindi Online this Summer – Best Online Hindi Classes

This intense online Hindi class builds a solid foundation for Hindi language proficiency. Hindi is among the top spoken languages around the globe, and learning it can provide opportunities to be part of the increasing connections between the U.S. and India and interact with the worldwide Indian diaspora. Through these online Hindi classes, you’ll learn practical Hindi proficiency and gain a deeper understanding of the culture and society it is a part of. This online, intensive Hindi language class will teach the grammatical structures of a particular level and essential vocabulary that will provide the foundation for the four core language skills areas: listening, speaking, and writing. Regular training, practice sessions, and homework will enhance your ability to communicate and have conversations in Hindi. Instructors will draw lessons from diverse informal and formal sources, including audio-visual material. Our Hindi tutors are from India and are highly certified in teaching their native language i.e., Hindi. They will train you to be able to speak the language with ease.

Benefits of Taking Online Summer Classes

The summer season is just close to us. Parents have an opportunity to explore the benefits of summer classes and help their children to learn and excel through online summer classes. There are many benefits associated with taking online summer courses to advance your children’s skills.

  • You can Cover the Learning Gap

If you’ve missed credits because of illness or a family crisis, It’s good to catch up and keep on track to getting your degree in time through online summer classes. Summer Classes are the best opportunity to recapitalize all the concepts your student lacks for any reason.

  • You can enjoy smaller class sizes

Classes in summer typically contain fewer students than an average class. You’ll receive more personal attention, and you’ll be able to establish a strong bond with your teacher and your classmates. The more relaxed atmosphere in summer online classes and the lower student-teacher ratio will encourage collaboration, deeper understanding, and a passion for learning even in the most challenging subjects.

  • You can Gain Advantage by Earning Credits

These classes are an excellent opportunity to earn extra credits and advance before the school year starts. When you attend classes during the summer, you’ll be focused on a single area with fewer distractions. This gives students the chance to progress the level of subjects such as maths or science without thinking about any other classes or activities. The summer is an ideal time to seize these opportunities to explore maths fundamentals and increase your GPA. These courses can help you prepare for the next school year, earn credits towards graduation, and get yourself ready for college.

  • Keep The mind active and make the brain sharp

A few students suffer from learning loss during the summer months, a.k.a. the summer-time mental fatigue. Taking summer online classes can help you stay away from these setbacks and keep your mind stimulated. So that when you go back to school during the autumn, you won’t think that you’re beginning over again to return to the groove of learning. Maintain a consistent pace throughout the year to ensure you’re on top of your thinking game.

Guru at home online summer classes provide many course options, ranging from fundamental subjects like maths and language arts to enrichment classes such as music and art. Students can even learn the language of their choice! Students can discover other interests and subjects that they might not have the chance to experience in the regular school term. Teachers help students who attend online summer school through their classes and help them learn during the summer.

  • Develops your Time Management Skills

Students are expected to show up and complete the work themselves in online summer classes. You’re not held to the same standards of a course in person that is scheduled every two or three days of the week. Summer online classes can assist you in breaking down your work into smaller chunks and help you manage your time.

Here is a list of some of the best summer break classes your child can take this summer.

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Online Summer Break Classes is a great resource for parents looking to provide their child with a fun and immersive summer experience.Guru At Home provides a variety of summer classes for children of all ages. They have online classes for kids aged 4-14, as well as classes for teens and adults. It is the perfect place to find a summer break class that suits your child’s needs and interests.

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