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Guru At Home provides the best online Indian tutors for tutoring UK-based students. With our years of experience tutoring students from different countries, we know that every nation has a separate syllabus. When it comes to the UK, the approach to studies is more practical than theoretical. So, if you are looking for online tutoring services from India, then our online tutoring is the right place.

Offering Best Online Tutors For UK Students For All Grades

When it comes to their education, a parent wants to make sure their kids have every advantage that can be possible. That is why you should consider using Guru At Home online tutors for UK students. Our experienced subject experts can provide your child with the personalized attention they need to get good marks in their grades along with conceptual learning. They can also help your child to stay on track with their studies, and keep you informed of your child’s progress.

How does Online Tutoring work with Indian Tutors?

The tutors at Guru At Home are experts in teaching curriculum and adapt their teaching methods according to the student’s learning style and syllabus. Our experienced tutors cover classes from Grade 1 to Grade 12 of the UK curriculum.

Why Choose Guru At Home's Online Indian Tutors For Your Kid?

There are enormous amounts of benefits to choose the online tutoring services of Guru At Home over choosing an in-house tutor. Some of them are         

1.   Exceptional Teaching Skills

We believe that kids should learn from intelligent educators, and this is the reason why we hire professionals only. In addition to this, we make sure that our online Indian tutors must have years of experience in teaching UK curriculum and degrees in a particular subject so that you are always assured that the pupil is learning from experts. Even, you can also verify the tutor’s education before choosing the online tutoring session.

2.   Professional Ethics

Our tutors know that in the school environment most students are neglected by teachers but with our online one-on-one classes for UK students, we make sure that they get proper attention from the online tutors. Also, our tutors are friendly and this leads to the creation of a stress-free environment and hence leading to stress-free learning.

3.   Save Money and Time

Online tutors save money and time, whereas in-person tutors can be expensive and time-consuming because home tutors charge more than compared to online tutors. So, online tutors are a great alternative for busy people who want to save money and time.

4.   Schedule a Class At Your Time

One of the best things about online tutoring is that it is flexible and can be scheduled around your time. You can pick the days and times that work best for you and your tutor. This means that you can get the help you need without having to worry about fitting it into your already busy schedule.

5.   Tutoring in Comfort of Your Home

As a busy student, you may not have time to travel to a tutoring center. You may also not feel comfortable receiving help in front of your peers. Fortunately, with the online tutors of Guru At Home, the learning can take place in the comfort of your home without wasting time traveling or waiting for a home tutor.

6.   Enhanced Technology Skills

As the world increasingly moves online, those students with enhanced technology skills are the ones who will reap the benefits. Online tutors are in a unique position to help students learn the skills they need to succeed in the digital age. By providing one-on-one or small group instruction, online tutors can help students build the confidence they need to use technology effectively.

7.   Instant Doubt Clearing

Since the tutors are available according to your schedule, if you have doubts regarding any concept, you can ask the tutor directly.

8.   Regular Feedbacks

Online tutors provide regular, customized, and individualized feedback on their students’ strengths and weaknesses. By doing so, they help their students learn and improve more effectively.

Trusted By Parents

Tracy BrownParent
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As a parent, I am always cautious about the studies of my child, but with Guru At Home's online tutoring services, I can be stress-free by knowing that my child is in good hands.
Jason CampbellParent
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The teachers are doing a great job. My son loves his class with the science tutor and always looks forward to joining his session on time.
Robert WilliamsParent
Read More
My child was always weak in math, but Guru At Home's math tutor, Ajay, helped him by working on the basics. I can see the improvement in his performance and marks now and happy with the service.


Starting at C$7.99 per session/hour, our online 1:1 tutoring classes are affordable for anyone. In addition to this, the fee depends on the teaching method, the teaching quality, and the teacher’s experience.

We offer you a secure payment gateway through which you can pay with your debit/credit card without any hassle.

In addition to graduates & postgraduates with specializations in their chosen subjects/courses, our faculty for UK students is highly experienced and qualified.

By making advance or upfront payments, we can reserve time slots with the selected tutor, making continuous learning possible without any interruptions or compromises to the child’s current schedule. Any direct payment to the tutor does not have our support or approval, as it may result in fraudulent activity, and we will not be held liable for such payments.

If you are not satisfied with the class’ balance, you may request a refund and you will receive it within 48-72 hours without any cancellation charges.

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