Scratch Coding Workshop

Online Scratch Programming Tutors For Kids

Guru At Home provides online scratch programming tutors from India that can teach your child all the basics of scratch in an interactive way, which will improve their understanding of the coding language in practical aspects.

Our tutors have extensive experience with teaching Scratch Programming to kids of all ages. They understand the unique abilities of children and offer immersive lessons that make learning more fun!

Scratch coding is the ideal language for children to get started in computer programming. What makes scratch more interesting to learn is its visual based methods in the world of coding.

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Why Does a Child Need to Learn Scratch Programming?

In the world of digital skills, it is important for children to learn programming languages. Here are reasons why you should teach your child scratch coding –

  • Easy to learn-

Scratch is easy to learn and use, and is ideally suited for children learning programming. It’s made for kids, and it’s easy for parents to pick up for themselves as well.

  • Develop animation & visuals

With Scratch, children can create their own games, animations, stories, music, and art without help from adults.

  • Appropriate & Interactive platform to start coding at early age

This programming language makes it easy for children to engage in the world of coding and computer science.

  • Helps in building up strong creative skills-

As per the research, scratch programming helps students build strong creative skills and boost logical thinking.

  • Learn coding 2x faster

Scratch programming lets kids Implement complex concepts of coding through fun and interactive manner which allows them to learn real time coding faster than ever.

With Guru At Home, kids can learn scratch programming at home with the live tutors at their own time – so no more boring school lessons!

Online Scratch Programming Classes For Kids

Online Tutors at Guru At Home offer one on one live online scratch coding classes. With our online tutors your child will start implementing scratch codes in no time.

Text coding has its own benefits to offer but if we talk about kids in general, it becomes boring for them to learn something without visuals, for example we know that a story book with pictures is surely more fascinating for them than a normal textbook.

Similarly, Scratch Coding intrigues their interest in learning something they love to play, like video games. It is exciting for them to know that they can give their thoughts visuals, can create their own superheroes, after learning the basics they can develop their brand-new game and Chatbot which is software application used to conduct an on-line chat conversation via text or text-to-speech, in lieu of providing direct contact with a live human agent like Siri or Google assistant. It eventually pushes them forward to develop their interest in coding and learn higher level programming languages. We also provide other tutors like online python tutors, C++ tutors etc. 

Scratch Coding Class Syllabus

  1. Fundamentals of Scratch Programming
  2. Introduction to the universe of coding
  3. Creating your first scratch program
  4. Variables, Data Types & Looping Statements
  5. Applying voiceovers and using video sensing
  6. Discovering the depth of Code Blocks
    • Motion Code Blocks
    • Looks Code Blocks
    • Sounds Code Blocks
    • Events Code Blocks
    • Control Code Blocks
    • Operators Code Blocks
    • Sensing Code Blocks
  7. Additional perks – Specific projects & games after every concept.
  8. Some of the projects are – Animating name, Text to speech project, Hungry shark game, Ping pong game, Flying cat game, Fruit catching game, Shooting game, Snake game, Catch drowning legos game, Rainbow project, Flappy bird, Among us, Packman and much more
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