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Guru At Home provides best online tutors for HTML coding language. With Guru At Home’s online HTML tutors you will get an opportunity to learn from experienced coding professionals. They will help you in achieving your programming goals and increase your HTML coding knowledge. So, what are you waiting for!


Who Can enrol in this course ?

  • Little Youngsters who wanna be future coders
  • 11th and 12th Graders 
  • Amateurs & Professionals, willing to upgrade their skills

The use of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) starts from the moment you start a web page Because HTML is a web-based  language that tells your browser how to showcase text and images on a webpage. Then you use tags to indicate the various elements, determine the placement of paragraphs, headings, add images and videos. HTML describes the structure of a web page. It allows you to perform the actions by using the attributes which also makes the task easy for you. Now there are multiple reasons why you should learn HTML, listing down a few below.

Why one should learn HTML?

The bright kids in this era of technology can learn anything they want to and coding is something that can be a valuable skill at this age which will not only make them super ready for future possibilities but also helps them with creative thinking and the ability of problem solving.

It is a MUST learning tool for students and especially for the ones who love technology. However, It is a tool which helps you in the long term. Professions like web developers, web designers etc. need to know HTML in detail to carry out their work. 

Reasons Why Every Individual Should Learn HTML

  • Right Language to start programming for Future Coders –  HTML is one of the simplest, interesting and efficient language to start the coding journey.
  • Explore and understand the web – To carry out any program, to design any webpage, website, and to determine the places of headings, text, images etc. you must know HTML and these are the tasks which aren’t performed in one particular profession you need to perform them in every activity you do on the web. 
  • Learn other languages with ease – HTML is like the base language so once you learn HTML, it will be easy for you to learn other coding languages like Java, JavaScript, python etc.
  • Upskill yourself with a real skill which can help you in the long term – You can actually build a real profession after learning HTML like a web designer, web developer etc.


Syllabus of Guru At Home's HTML Coding Online Tuition Classes

HTML Course Curriculum 

(Beginner to Advanced)

Course subscription – HTML 

Why learn HTML?


Syllabus – 

Module 1

Introduction to HTML  & it’s latest version

HTML Basics – HTML Tags & attributes

Create your first webpage

Module 2

Learn HTML Formatting

HTML Heading

HTML. Paragraphs

HTML Styles

HTML formatting

Module 3

Add images and hyperlinks and colours

Module 4

Learn adding lists and tables

HTML Lists

Unordered, Ordered & Definition List

HTML Tables

Table cells

Table headers

Table Rows and Columns

Table Tags

Table borders

Module 5

Create your HTML form


Text & text fields

Radio button


Submit button

Clickable buttons

Module 6

Make it dynamic

HTML graphics

HTML media


With proper guidance and directions, it is one of the easiest languages to learn.

In 2022, it’s not just possible to find a HTML programming tutor online but it is the best option to learn HTML. You can easily find a tutor, In fact platforms like Guru At Home provide live 1:1 online html tutors. Where you can learn in your own comfort space without any external interruptions and what’s better than learning with a private tutor? Where you get to choose your pace according to your comfort. Not just that  Guru At Home has organised various Coding Workshops which have been a huge success and keep organising such workshops.   

Which also includes perks like certificates along with multiple advantages such as interacting with students from around the world and many others.

Guru At Home offers you the best online tutoring services in more than 7 countries. Their 1:1 sessions make it easier for the students to learn and understand. Private Tutors let the student decide their pace, understand their learning capability and carry out the sessions according to that. Apart from regular courses, Guru At Home organises various workshops for better understanding for the students. They are extremely affordable and simply the best online tutoring platform offering a number of courses.

Yes, Our course menu begins from the Beginners level up to the Advanced Level so you can learn from the very basics to the advanced level.

You can simply visit our website or contact us on

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