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Guru At Home provides the best online Indian tutors for tutoring UAE-based students as we tutor students from all over the world, we know every country has a different syllabus. It is more practical than theoretical in the UAE when it comes to studying. Our online tutoring services may be the perfect solution for you if you are looking for online tutoring from India.

Online CBSE Tutors In Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

GuruAthome – UAE offers online tutoring for all your academic needs. Our tutors can help you with homework or tutoring so you can get back on track. The tutoring services we offer in the UAE are available to students from all major cities including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajam and Sharjah. 

In order to meet the needs of Indian students studying in the UAE, we offer a complete CBSE Science and Math package. For families in the UAE, finding a dedicated, trustworthy institute for their children is a top concern. Over the years, GuruAtHome has become one of the most reliable online tutoring service providers for CBSE examinations.

Students can improve their grades and gain confidence in class with the guidance and support of our tutors. Due to our understanding of the country’s demographics and primary languages, we deliver language tutoring services in Arabic, French,cha and German. Students from 1st to 12th grade can get personalized tutoring in the United Arab Emirates. In order to provide students with the highest quality learning experience possible, they receive personalized tuition. In addition to providing face-to-face tutoring, we guarantee 100% quality.

Students in UAE Can Find Online Tutors For All Grades

As parents, we want to give our children every possible advantage in their education. The Guru At Home online tutoring service is therefore an excellent choice for UAE students. With the help of our subject experts, your child will be able to get good grades and acquire conceptual understanding as well. You will also be able to stay informed of your child’s progress since they can assist them in staying on track.





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Why is Online Tutoring so popular with Indian tutors?

Tutors at Guru At Home have a wide range of teaching methods that adapt to various learning styles and syllabuses. From grade 1 to grade 12, we have tutors who are experienced in teaching as per UAE curriculum.

Guru At Home’s Online Indian Tutors: Why Choose Us?

Compared to choosing an in-house tutor, Guru At Home’s online tutoring services offer enormous benefits. Here are a few

  • Teaching Skills of Exceptional Quality

We hire professionals only because we believe kids should be taught by intelligent educators. Additionally, we make sure that our online Indian tutors have degrees in a particular subject and years of experience teaching UAE curricula so that you can always be sure that your child is learning from an expert. In addition, you can check the tutor’s educational background before taking an online tutoring class. 

  • The ethics of the profession

We make sure the online tutors for UAE students provide them with proper attention despite the fact that many students in schools are neglected by teachers. Also, we believe that a friendly environment is conducive to stress-free learning, which is why our tutors are friendly. 

  • Make your life easier and save money

As opposed to in-person tutors, online tutors are usually cheaper and more convenient, whereas home tutors are more expensive. In other words, online tutors can save people time and money while helping them to learn.

  • Schedule Classes At Your Convenience

Tutoring online can be scheduled around your schedule, which is one of the best things about it. It is up to you and your tutor to decide what days and times are most convenient for you. As a result, you do not have to worry about finding time for the help you need.

  • A tutoring service that comes to you

It may not be feasible for you to travel to a tutoring center as a busy student. In addition, receiving help in front of your classmates may not be comfortable for you. You don’t have to travel or wait for a home tutor to help you learn with Guru At Home’s online tutors.

  • A better understanding of technology

Technology-savvy students will benefit from the world moving online as it moves more and more towards a digital age. With the advent of the digital age, online tutors can help students acquire the skills they need to succeed. It can be beneficial for students to work one-on-one with an online tutor or in a small group setting to gain knowledge and confidence about technology.

  • Clearing your doubts in an instant

With tutors available on a flexible schedule, you can seek advice directly from the tutor if you have any doubts about any concept.

  • Providing regular feedback

Students’ strengths and weaknesses are regularly and individually assessed by online tutors. Students benefit from their efforts by learning and improving more effectively. 


What makes us better from the others is “the quality we deliver to our learners” . We connect you with the best Hindi tutors online at affordable prices.

Our lessons start at $7 per session.

The timings can be adjusted as per your convenience and preference.

One session is approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Yes. We can help you to reschedule the class if you inform us 2-3 hours prior.


Tracy Brown, Parent
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I am always concerned with my child's studies as a parent, but I feel at ease knowing that my child is in good hands with Guru At Home's online tutoring services.
Mrs. Disha, Parent
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It's great to see the teachers doing such an excellent job. In his science tutoring class, my son looks forward to joining his session promptly and enjoys it very much.
Mrs. Salma, Parent
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I worked with Guru At Home's math tutor, Ajay, to help my child improve his math skills. I'm happy to see that his performance and grades have improved and I am pleased with the service.


With our online 1:1 tutoring classes starting at a reasonable AED 21.90 per hour, anyone can benefit from one. Furthermore, the cost of teaching varies by the method used, the quality of instruction, and the level of experience of the teacher.

Through our secure payment gateway, you can pay with your debit/credit cards without

any hassle.

In addition to graduates & postgraduates with specialised knowledge in their field, we have a highly experienced and qualified faculty for UAE students studying popular curriculums such as IB, CBSE & British Curriculum.

We can book time slots with the selected tutor by making advance or upfront payments, thus ensuring continuous learning without disrupting the student’s routine. Payments made directly to tutors are not supported or approved by us, as they may result in fraudulent activity, and we are not responsible.

Upon request, you will receive your refund in 48-72 hours without any cancellation fees if you are not satisfied with the class.

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