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Most colleges in the United States require the SAT for admission. You’ll need these skills in college and beyond if you take the SAT in high school. Guru At Home provides online SAT tutors that will help you in preparing for SAT exams at the comfort of your home

We at Guru At Home, conduct online one-on-one preparatory courses for sat and act classes with experienced & trained faculty members to assist students in all aspects of the learning process and provide complete online sat preparation classes for the test.

With our online SAT tutors, you can get answers to any questions that you have, clarify difficult concepts, and feel prepared for the best SAT preparation courses test.

The online SAT classes we offer are tailored to meet the needs of each student. Our students are free to go at their own pace. It is our goal to make the SAT process fun and easy for children by adapting to their learning style. The self-paced SAT program at Guru At home will make learning convenient and independent for you.

Why Choose Guru At Home?

For the past 5 years, GuruAthome has delivered best scores and college admissions. GuruAthome is the best choice for a number of reasons. 

  • We have SAT teachers who have years of experience teaching the test and coming from top universities all over the world.
  • A calendar will be set up for each individual SAT course based on the students’ performance of the individual and the requirements of the individual student.
  • After the teaching course has been completed, 4 hours of timed mock tests will be given each week for 3 months. It will take 1 year to achieve the desired score.
  • In the field of study abroad, we are India’s first fully digital online tutoring company.

SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) Section:

Reading Test:

  • Command of Evidence:
    • Analyzing and interpreting data presented in tables, graphs, and charts.
    • Understanding how authors use evidence to support their claims.
  • Words in Context:
    • Determining word and phrase meanings in context.
    • Analyzing how word choice shapes meaning and tone.
  • Analysis in History/Social Studies and Science:
    • Analyzing historical and scientific passages.
    • Understanding the author’s point of view and argument.
  • Expression of Ideas:
    • Identifying and improving the way ideas are presented in a passage.
    • Enhancing the development and organization of passages.

Writing and Language Test:

  • Standard English Conventions:
    • Grammar, usage, and punctuation.
    • Sentence structure and formation.
  • Expression of Ideas:
    • Development and organization of ideas.
    • Effective language use for communication.
  • Words in Context:
    • Word choice in the context of a passage.
    • Improving word use for clarity and precision.
  • Command of Evidence:
    • Analyzing and improving the use of evidence in a passage.

Optional Essay (though many colleges no longer require it):

Essay (Optional):

  • Analyzing a source text and crafting a well-organized, analytical essay.
  • Evaluating an argument and expressing ideas clearly.


Preparation for SAT Math ensures that students have a thorough understanding of major three essential areas of math: comparing and contrasting, Passport to Advanced Math and Algebra Heart.

  • As part of the Problem Solving and Data Analysis area, you will need to apply ratios, proportions, and proportional reasoning in problem solving relating to science and social sciences, and career exploration.
  • In the Heart of Algebra area, students are asked questions about linear equations and systems, helping them learn how to abstract from linear equations and systems.
  • There is a greater emphasis on the manipulation of equations in the Passport to Advanced Math questions.

In-depth analysis of real-world problems

Each SAT section –the Reading Test, the Math Test, as well as Writing and Language Test –will involve questions based on real-world experience, derived from college and professional work experience.

Conversations around the world and founding documents

The reading passages in this collection highlight the major founding documents of the United States and the great global discussions they inspired

An overview of the sections In SAT

In order to calculate SAT scores, you will need to answer the following questions:

Reading Test – 65 minutes, 52 questions

Writing and Language Test – 35 minutes, 44 questions

Math Test – two sections:

1) No calculator – 25 minutes, 20 questions

2) Calculator permitted – 55 minutes, 38 questions

Calculating the SAT score

A score on the SAT ranges from 400 to 1600. Besides subscores, you will also receive performance reports for every test — mathematics, writing, reading, and language — plus additional scores to help you understand how well you did on every test.

It does not count towards this score if you write the optional essay.

In order to avoid stress at the last minute, you should start preparing well in advance. Check out the following comprehensive SAT exam preparation in india guidelines for help with SAT preparation.

What is the best time to take the SAT exam in India?

It’s important to keep a few factors in mind when deciding when to take the test. If you are considering taking the SAT, here are some points to consider:

  • The deadlines for your admissions
  • Preparation time and how well you are prepared
  • A schedule that works for you 

You may choose a date that is convenient for you based on the above-mentioned factors.

permitted – 55 minutes, 38 questions


What makes us better from the others is “the quality we deliver to our learners.” We connect you with the best & experienced online SAT tutors who will help you prepare for the exam with the best possible ways and ensure you perform well.

Our online 1:1 tutoring sessions for SAT cost as low as $18 per hour. You can also avail exciting discounts with our different packages.

Our faculties are available as per your convenient timings. 

One session is approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Yes. We can help you to reschedule the class if you inform us 2-3 hours prior.


Atul SharmaWashington, USA
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In every way, GuruAtHome has helped me and my daughter. Starting from the beginning, receive one-on-one SAT tutoring, customize class times, and clear all your doubts. It is a pleasure to work with GuruAthome and I hope they do well in the future.
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Thanks for convincing Attiya to enrol in one of the top colleges in America, and for following up with the university to get an unconditional offer. With proper guidance and strict SAT classes, she achieved her dream.
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I was able to help my son, who struggled with Reading and Grammar, by using GuruAthome's authentic content and experienced English faculty. He learned effective strategies to deal with all kinds of questions from teachers who were available 24 hours a day.
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