Keyboard Classes

Are you ready to tap those fingers on your keyboard and discover melodious tunes? Join our Musical Keyboard classes. 

  • Keyboard lessons for kids If your child has a desire to learn Piano this season, don’t let the pandemic situation hold them back because, we do not only take care about your child’s academic growth but his hobbies & interests are equally important to us, so we are giving you Online Keyboard lessons, so that your kid don’t miss the fun, and focus on whatever he wants to learn.
  • Fun learning Our tutors are not only experienced but also extremely friendly and polite with their students, We believe every student has their own strengths and weaknesses, perhaps it’s the responsibility of a tutor to understand those strengths & weaknesses and come up with new ideas to bring out the best in their students. In our online keyboard classes our tutor works accordingly.

Isn’t it amazing, that we can generate what we like to hear just by tapping the few keys, & by playing with some strings, that’s the beauty of any musical instrument it authorises you to add music to your soul, to create what matches your vibe, express your thoughts through the music you play. And Keyboard is one such instrument. We conduct online keyboard classes for beginners so that we can help you to learn the instrument from the comfort of your homes from the very basics.

Our keyboard piano lessons are designed as per the requirements of our customers. You can contact us for more information on that, and we will help you to customise the course that’s best for you.

These are the backgrounds we usually cover in our online keyboard lessons

  • 4 scales
  • 2 songs
  • Time signature
  • Signature practice
  • Chord introduction
  • Ear training
  • Scale practice
  • Finger pattern &
  • Finger exercises

You can learn so many genres like Rock, Pop, Jazz, ballad & etc.

Apart from these there will be much more to learn here, so to save your seat and to enroll


We conduct our classes through a meet platform Zoom/Skype etc. whatever is preferred by the students, It is a one on one session between the tutor and student.

All you need is your keyboard, a pen and notebook to take down the notes, & a good internet connection.

Virtual lessons are clearly more convenient than the physical ones, you get to learn from your home, and yes they are worth it, since it is a 1:1 session our tutor’s focus is completely on your growth and learning

One class usually lasts for 45 minutes to one hour.

Yes, It’s always good when you practice the lessons on your equipment.

The more you practice the better you get the techniques, but considering the minimum even if they practice nicely whatever was taught them in a class it’s enough to move on with the other lesson.

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