Online Tutoring K-12

Online Tutoring for Grades K-12

If you’re looking for someone who can uplift your child’s learning game, then this is it. You’ve arrived exactly where you’re supposed to be.

Guru At Home, Your learning companion

We can be your children’s best companions from kindergarten to as long as they wish for us to stick with them on their learning journey.

It is proven that K-12 education might not be the most crucial part of a student’s life, but it sure is the one that has the most impact on students’ functional understanding of their knowledge and personality base.

K-12 Education is the basis which sets the ground and demands rules for learners to help them prepare for their ultimate tasks, i.e., their career shaping.

Let's climb up the ladder together

When students move from primary to secondary school, their challenges also move from the primary to the secondary level. They can no longer work with a single tutor for all subjects. They require specialised guidance on specific subjects. Especially when they choose their streams, they need expert tutors for their major subjects. Many educational tutoring services offer different tutors for different subjects, but considering the pressure on a student, it is always preferable to choose the option that is most feasible for them.

The more the merrier.

Guru At Home has a vast range of options, especially for a K-12 learner with personalised lessons according to their preferences, and live 1:1 tutoring, which shifts the focus of the tutor to one particular student and helps him/her fulfil their on-demand needs.

We cover all the grades, starting from kindergarten all the way up to the secondary level of Grade 12. Apart from that, we also offer different courses that our students need to build up their curriculars, like different languages, coding, etc.

We cover all the major boards and curriculums used in most schools in the USA, UK, Canada, India and other countries, including

  • IGCSE (core & extended)
  • IB
  • ICSE
  • CBSE

Even in that, we cover all the necessary streams, including science, commerce & humanities.

4 taps towards excellence

Our procedure for enrolling is as simple as four steps: 

  • Choose your course

  • Book a free demo session

  • Tell us what you need in your lessons

  • Enroll and learn with your tutor

With their wide range of options, personalised and live tutoring, Guru At Home can provide you with the best online tuition for class 1 – class 12 Science, Maths, Commerce and other areas such as spoken languages.

We have the expertise of the best tutors, chosen especially for your needs from across the world, which helps us provide you with the best learning experience, amazing grades, and guaranteed improved results.

Apart from the major subjects, there are subjects like spoken languages that add equal weight to your/your child’s results and mark sheets but are mostly neglected.

These languages can actually help you score more marks and balance your results, and hence they are as important as any other major subject, so you sure do need special guidance in these too. We have generalised the tutoring for spoken languages by considering the most common languages in all the curriculums, which are:

Students also opt for elective subjects along with majors, usually IT combined with commerce or science. Again, it doesn’t only give them a chance to uplift their results by learning programming languages; it also gives them a chance to learn something that can help them in the long run. Knowing programming languages only adds extra points to one’s résumé. Programming languages like

They are an essential tool for any job that requires technological inputs, and is there any job in the 21st century that doesn’t require that?

Why is Guru At Home the best choice?

As we said earlier, we reassure you that we will provide you with the benefit of 3Cs

  • Convenient Structure
  • Comfortable learning environment
  • Confirmed results

It’s not just your academic journey; it becomes our responsibility to provide you with whatever you need in order to accomplish your goals. We offer you the freedom of

  • Personalising your lessons
  • Choosing your suitable time frame
  • Easy rescheduling of classes
  • Choosing Your Own Pace to Study

Apart from that, we regularly organise various assessments, workshops, etc for the betterment of your learning, and, of course, live 1:1 classes at the most affordable rates are just an added benefit.


Absolutely. Our live 1:1 lesson begin at as cheap as $7 per lesson.

We keep bringing new offers as a treat for our beloved clients, such as refer and earn offers, pay less for more lessons, etc.

We won’t ever charge you for the service you didn’t use, but you must inform us or the tutor at least 2-3 hours prior to the class if you wish to reschedule.

All of our tutors are qualified in their own specialised fields. In fact, we don’t hire tutors unless they meet our qualification criteria and other necessary requirements, like good experience.

Of course, you can tell us your preferred time frame, and we will help you coordinate that with your private tutor.

Guru At Home won’t ever charge you for the services you didn’t take from us.

We will only charge you for the lessons you have taken and will provide a full refund for the ones you don’t wish to take.

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