Pre Schooling

Understand the importance of Pre-Kindergarten Learning.

  • Helps in the development of your child
  • Prepare him for Kindergarten
  • Teaching them Basic etiquette
  • Give them a pre exposure of school
  • Make their future learning easier

Pre Kindergarten schooling is a term a lot of people know, but only a few understand its importance  for their 2-3 year old.  Pre Kindergarten tutoring is not as popular as it should be, because the majority of people think that the learning period for their child starts when they enroll into school, or educational institutions. But that’s not true, the learning period of a baby starts from his/her birth, they adapt, learn, and understand basic things from their parents like language. And that is the right time to give a slight push to their learning, to teach them about the basic Kindergarten etiquette. But sending them out at such a young age is also a matter of concern for the parents to make that easy for you, Guru at home provides online tutoring for Pre Kindergarten.

Not many sites provide online tutoring for Pre Kindergarten but we do understand how important it is to encourage your child’s esteem to learn at the right age, and hence we decided to add online tutoring for preschoolers in our courses. So that your child doesn’t lack behind when it’s the right time. You can entirely rely on us for your child’s pre Kindergarten tutoring because our online tutors understand the mindset of a 3 year old, and follow the teaching methods accordingly in their online tuitions for nursery & Pre Kindergarten. 

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