Our Shining Stars

Meet our wonderful little masters

Student: Mokshita    

Course: Online Art&Craft and Math Classes 

From: Texas, USA

“Mokshita is a good and hard working student. She is doing well.”

-Ms. Jyoti(Art n Craft Tutor)

“Mokshita is really prompt in giving answers, She takes really less time to solve questions.”

-Ms. Muskan (Mokshita’s tutor)

Student: Divyaan  

Course: Online Pre-primary                   Classes

 From: Jaipur, India

“He is a very good and  brilliant child. He obeys his elders. He is a sweet kid with an innovative mind.”

-Ms. Mansi(Divyaan’s tutor)
Reya, a brilliant student of Guru at home

Student: Reya  

Course: Online Hindi                               Classes

 From: Dubai, UAE

“She is good in hindi and her learning skills are sharp. She is a quick learner. She is very enthusiastic and happy child and loves to participate in games I organise for their learning.”

-Ms. Palak(Reya’s Tutor)

sweet little online student of Guru at home, Reisha Gandhi

Student: Reisha

Course: Online Hindi Classes

From: Dubai, UAE


 “She is very disciplined and obedient student who is very energetic to learn new things in class. She always completes her homework on time and she is always willing to participate in activities I conduct for them. She is very helping in nature.”

– Ms. Palak(Reisha’s Tutor)

Student: Vihaan

Course: Online Hindi Classes

 From: Dubai, UAE


“Although he has to put more efforts in learning hindi but he always actively participates in discussions. A little push and appreciation can motivate him to do better. Overall he is very bright child.”

-Ms. Palak (Vihaan’s Tutor)

bright student of guru at home's online learning

Student: Rohan

Course: Online Hindi Classes

 From: Dubai, UAE

“Rohan is a very good learner. His catching power is very good. He is very sincere towards his goals always very calm and a keen learner. He is really creative and talented.”

-Ms. Jyoti (Rohan’s Tutor)


Student: Puravi

Course: Online Python                             Language Classes

 From: California, USA

“Puravi is now doing really well. She has attended almost every class, she is a very nice and bright student.”

– Ms. Muskan (Puravi’s tutor)

Kavin Pasricha

Student: Kavin Pasricha

Course: Online Kickboxing & Dance Classes

From: Dubai, UAE

“Kavin is doing well. He always tries to learn something new.He is very focused while practicing. He is always in discipline.”

– Ms. Pinki(Kavin’s Tutor)

“He is a good student. He gives his best either it is easy or hard. Kavin is very sincere and improving day by day.”

– Mr. Jatin (Kavin’s Tutor)

Kabir Pasricha - Online Student

Student: Kabir Pasricha

Course: Online Art n Craft Classes

From: Dubai, UAE

“Kabir is doing great in every class and is very interactive. He is always on time and is very respectful. He is super intelligent and so easily grasps everything that too in an online class.”

-Ms. Preha S(Kabir’s Tutor)

Anik Dashora

Student: Anik Dashora

Course: Online 10th Grade Academic classes

From: Jaipur, India

“Anik is good and hard working student. He is very confident and improving everyday. He is very polite and always obeys his elders and does all the work related to studies on time”

  –Mr. Jitendra (Anik’s Tutor)

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