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Coding For Kids

Programming skills are not only relevant for adults, but also for kids alike. The advantages of picking up this skill are plethora, a career boost being one of them. Building basic websites and games help kids give an edge to their logical, designing and problem-solving abilities. The marketplace is full of such coding classes to choose from, but Guru at Home may be your child’s ideal “learn to code” destination.

online coding lessons for kids by live tutors

What are Coding Classes?

Coding or Programming Classes are a lecture series along with live projects, provided by subject matter experts for kids to learn coding. For instance, Guru at home has over 2000 tutors who teach a wide range of subjects, coding being one of them through online one on one classes.

Why should your kid learn coding?

It helps a kid develop resilience:

When a kid starts learning how to code, he has to face failure. Definitely, all the programs are not possible to run successfully in the first go without any compilation error. Coding helps kid to face failure and bounce back.

It will teach your kid how to think:

Computer Programming needs your kid to have robust logical thinking ability. All in all, it is not just about typing lines of codes. In order to code effectively, a programmer needs to analyze the problem and break it down.

 It will help your kid to expand their creativity:

Computer Programming gives a kid room to experiment and explore their creative side. It will let your kid design a new website or a game according to their own imagination, which will be completely their own.

 Great Career Opportunities:

Coding can be called the foundation stone of skills needed to revolutionize the world. The number of businesses that rely on coding and programming skills are increasing day by day. A child who knows how to code will undoubtedly have better career opportunities.

What are the best programming languages for a child to learn?

The best programming language for a kid to learn varies with his or her area of interest. If your child is keen to learn about robotics, machine learning, artificial intelligence or deep learning, python would be the best to start with. However, if he or she is interested in developing android apps, Java should be top on the priority list.

It is necessary to choose the right coding classes for kids online, that offer lectures in all the languages your kid is interested in. Guru at home, an online learning platform, has over 2000 tutors for different subjects, and some of the best coding tutors to teach your kid.

Amongst the programming languages Guru At Home offers, there is:

  • Scratch, HTML, CSS.
  • Java Script.
  •  Python
  • Progressive App Development.
  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • Android Apps.

All these programming languages have seperate courses along with well designed course material and resources with them. Undoubtedly, with the free trial sessions, young and dynamic tutors, Guru at home is the right platform for your kid to kickstart their coding journey.

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