Why are online classes way better for kids in the USA amid rising COVID?

COVID’19 basically a nightmare everyone apparently faced, not in just one particular city, state or country but the entire world. We all know how bad the situation was when it began, the whole world was homebound and apparently it got worse and worse. Markets, Corporate sectors, Educational Institutions, each and every thing took a long pause of two years. Why? COVID-19 is spread in three main ways: Breathing in air when close to an infected person who is exhaling small droplets and particles that contain the virus. Having these small droplets and particles that contain viruses land on the eyes, nose, or mouth, especially through splashes and sprays like a cough or sneeze. And it’s not just any infection it’s a deadly infection which can and took the lives of many.

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Considering this situation it was best to shut down everything so that no one comes in contact with the others and remain safe from infections inside their homes. Because all it needed was one infected person who could easily infect a lot of others. Now in this situation, Parents couldn’t even think of sending their kids outside their home which is entirely justified because who would want to take a risk with their child’s life. Educational Institutions in fact the entire education system turned its ways to the online mode. So that parents and students don’t have to compromise with their educational activities. Schools had their regular online classes, and Parents could even hire an online tutor through various online tutoring sites which were not only offering academic help but various other extra curricular courses to maintain the pace of a student’s development and growth. Online Education didn’t only save the students from infectious viruses but it also came with a lot of new opportunities for students, it gave them enough time to

  •     Try new things
  •     To explore new activities
  •     Develop their interests in new things
  •     Practice and learn their hobbies
  •     Spend time with their families

And a lot more along with these, The whole online class thing basically taught them

  •     Time management
  •     Sincerity even in the online classes
  •     The intrigue to learn new things
  •     To spend time with family

There are various other beneficiaries of an online tutoring like

  •     Flexible timings
  •     Enough free time
  •     Balance between everything
  •     Protection from the infectious diseases
  •     Less expensive
  •     Less use of resources
  •     More opportunities

Considering all these factors online tutoring is nothing but a bright ray of life in the darkest time of Pandemic. However, as soon as the situation is getting back in control everything including the schools are going back to their previous rituals i,e, Physical classes in the school cam

Do you think it is the right time to take things back to what they were?

Covid’19 spread sure is in control at this point but we can’t deny the fact that it has not disappeared entirely from the world, and taking everything entirely back to what it was at this point is only gonna make the situation worse. Let’s have a look at the situation particularly in The United States of America. The only reason for targeting the USA in this blog is to point out how the situation has taken a bad turn there by unlocking everything in one go.

Here’s the graph showing the situation from May to current (Sept)  :

The lWe can clearly see the decline from May to August, the period where everything was shut and people were barely leaving their homes, however then there’s a slight increase in later August when there was a unlock of a few things, but a sudden increase in September when everything was opened including the schools and other educational institutions. Now you can clearly see how dangerous it can be for your kids to attend physical schools in this situation. Even after the vaccination you don’t get a green card to COVID-19, Vaccination sure does reduce the chances of infection but again it doesn’t entirety immune you to COVID-19, you can still catch the infection and considering that it is probably the worst idea to take everything back to normal in one go. Your safety lies in your own hands, and even your child’s safety is in your hands so you must make sure you’re playing your part to keep yourself and your child in a safe zone.

How are chances of being at risk of infection more in kids in physical schools?

  1. Physical Contact with other students and teachers – Even if a child is careful and firm with all the precautions and so are his/her/their parents, you can’t be assured of someone else’s behaviour towards it. Anyone can be infected with COVID, it can be some other student in a class, some teacher, maybe another staff member of the school or even the bus driver of your child for that matter. That’s where the risk of being infected increases. Because it is just impossible to be assured that everyone else your child is contacting is completely safe.
  2. Children are usually careless – A child is a child at the end of the day, you can’t expect your 8 years old to act all mature. Children are known for their reckless behaviour. Parents, teachers and everyone else can take care of them but they can’t keep an eye on them 24/7. You can teach your child all the ways of hygiene, all the precautions and everything else but to expect that they will follow that with utmost sincerity is a bit too much. You can only be assured of your child’s complete safety in the walls of your own home.
  3. Weak immune system in children – Kids usually have a weak immunity as compared to adults, they are more prone to diseases and infections and it is slightly hard for them to fight such infections. Even in general kids usually catch infections like cold, fever etc. faster than adults because of their weak immunity. COVID again is an infection and kids are easily prone to and to fight the same even adults need a very strong immunity so it is better not to put them in a spot by not exposing them much to the outer surroundings which can be infectious.

These three reasons are not only true but are extremely applicable in the situation. Chances of risks are higher in children than in adults only because adults might have an immunity to fight the virus and children might not. And with COVID it’s not just a risk of infection, it’s a risk of life. Because COVID-19 is an extremely dangerous and deadly virus.

Here are a few things you must take care of :

  1.   Don’t step out of your house until it is necessary.
  2.   Definitely don’t roam around just like that.
  3.   Make sure you and your child are vaccinated.
  4.   Take all the safety precautions even after being vaccinated like wearing your masks, sanitisation etc.
  5.   Educate your children about the safety precautions from Infectious diseases.
  6.   Be aware of your surroundings and pay extra attention if you have come in contact with anyone infected.
  7.   Make your immunity strong.
  8.   Take healthy diets and necessary tonics to build immunity.
  9.   Don’t forget to help the ones in need.
  10. And lastly stay home, stay safe.

These are a few things which can help you fight the battle against COVID-19 and if everyone gets firm in following these, COVID-19 might disappear from the world soon.

COVID-19 is extremely dangerous for everyone including people of every age group. Kids, teenagers, adults no one is prone from COVID-19, it is an infection and can easily be caught by anyone and it is deadly for sure. In this case the only person who can protect you is you, yourself. It is entirely dependent on

  •     How cautious you are towards your health.
  •     How attentive you are towards everything.

●     and most importantly how you’re protecting yourself and your family from it.

It is not very difficult to do so, but can be slightly challenging but not impossible. All you need to do is be a bit attentive towards your health and you can easily tackle the situation. Especially kids and people in old age need to be more careful than anyone hence the question “Why online classes are way better for kids in USA amid rising COVID?”

You already have the idea of rising cases by looking at the graph above. Now we’ll have a look at the factors that are behind that situation.

Why exactly is COVID-19 rising in the USA?

  •     People are more careless than ever – After the invention of COVID-19 vaccine people have the greatest misconception of considering vaccines a cure rather than a precaution. Vaccine reduces the risk of being in the spot but it doesn’t eliminate that risk. Now that the people living there are vaccinated they are vulnerable about the situation and hence the careless behaviour.
  •     Instant Unlock – Instead of opening the states in stages the whole country was unlocked in one go, and that created chaos and made the situation worse.
  •     Citizens stopped taking precautions – Precautions like wearing masks in public, regular sanitisation, regular health check ups are more than important in the current times, and people suddenly stopped taking these precautions and it somehow boosted up the whole situation again.
  •     Vulnerability – People are still vulnerable about the situation that a more dangerous variant of virus is taking hold, and because of that they started acting carelessly towards the virus which is already present and is more dangerous than anything in the situation.

The highlight of all the reasons is people’s careless behaviour and that is probably the one reason which made the situation this worse in the first place now with all of these. How do people expect their children to be careful about it when they themselves can’t remain careful towards the situation? It’s not just risky to send children to physical schools in this situation but is also a very illogical move. It’s like parents know it is dangerous but they are doing it anyway. Another careless move.

Here is how you can teach your child to be cautious towards the situation-

  1. Make them understand the complexity of the situation – Make sure your child knows how dangerous the situation is, educate them about the dangers from CoronaVirus. Make sure that they understand it is dangerous and harmful in many ways.
  2. Keep your children updated with how the pandemic situation is taking turns – When you watch the news you keep a track of the situation, you must also make sure your child knows that too so that he/she/they are also aware of the complexity and acts and behave like that.
  3. Teach them all the precautions- Teach all the precautions to save yourself from Infectious virus like Corona to your kids like wearing masks, regular sanitisation, social distancing, immunity building and everything. Make all of these in their regular use, and also make sure they are practising those precautions in their daily lives.
  4. Give your child a healthy lifestyle – Give your child a fruitful healthy diet, rich in all the micronutrients the body needs, help them build their immunity stronger, make them practice some or the other physical exercise even when they are homebound. A healthy life is a happy life. And that’s the most important key rule to a happy life. Your child’s strong immunity can not only save him from Infectious viruses but it also gives him/her/they the strength to fight those infections.
  5. Your child must remain attentive – Observe your child’s behaviour and if you think he’s lacking any safety measure in his activities, correct him there so he doesn’t make that his habit and follow the required safety measures. If not the world your child must remain updated about the current situation of his state or his city for that matter.
  6. Educate your child about the necessity of vaccination and make sure they are vaccinated – Children are usually afraid of injection needles, perhaps they must know that a pain of a couple of seconds is better than the danger of infection. Tell them how vaccination is important and how it helps you in fighting the infections.

Why are online schools way better than the physical schools amid rising COVID in the USA?

After schools were resumed in The United States Of America, the Covid cases which were already rising took a significant rise again.

With the latest update of 29,993,423 cases in the country, which is quite a big number, the risk is a lot. Now in this situation where the number of Covid cases are only rising it is absolutely not safe to send your child to physical schools.

By doing so you are not only putting your child’s health at risk but it is bad for everyone with whom so ever he may contact. Online Schools has a lot of advantages other than just saving your child from infections such as :

  1. Online Tutoring is less expensive – Online schools are the same as the regular schools. The only difference is they are in online mode. The classes basically take place in virtual classrooms like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and etc. where the teacher/tutor creates a link for the class and the students just have to join it through an electronic device rather than visiting the school campus and attending the class there.

It is less expensive because it saves travel expenses for teachers and students, students can use the soft copies of study material, and etc.

  1. Online schools save resources – In online schools teachers and students don’t have to travel from one place to another, they don’t have to use the school campus and school’s resources.
  2. Live tutors in online class help students to focus and explore more – In online classes students get plenty of free time because they save the time of their travelling to schools, the time of their free slots, less fatigue reduces their rest time so they make some time from there. The point is in virtual classes they get plenty of free time which can be utilised in the most productive ways.
  •     Students can practice their hobbies.
  •     They can explore their areas of interest.
  •     They can try out new things.
  •     They can read new books.
  •     They can learn something new online.
  •     They can build their extra curriculum.
  •     They can participate in various online competitions.
  •     They can learn new things from/with their parents.
  •     They can join online classes for various courses like Coding, languages etc.
  •     They can grab new opportunities.

And whatnot? There are a lot of things like time, exhaustion, anxiety, peer pressure which holds a student back from doing all of this in a physical school, however there’s no such thing which can hold you back from all of this in virtual classes.

And in the current times there are a number of online tutoring websites with the  availability of  various courses like academic subjects, coding, guitar, piano, art n craft & dance to convey that they can still enjoy learning while being at home.

They can help you to connect with the best tutors at very minimal rates in the world online irrespective of geographical boundaries. That means your child is in the safe space of your home and can still have access to the courses available in any part of the world. So after all, Online Learning is not just safe but much more flexible.

  1. Safety from infectious diseases – Since your child doesn’t need to step out of their home it reduces the risk of him catching the infections from external surroundings because then he’s not much in the contact of people and external surroundings which might have infectious viruses. And it also reduces the risk of other people catching the infection and breaks the chain of the infection which is good for the overall statistics in rising cases of the country.

However you also must make sure that your child is getting the personalised attention of his tutor and you can do that by choosing live online 1:1 classes over group/pre recorded lessons. There are several benefits of online live 1:1 classes like

  •     Your child doesn’t have to share the room with anyone else.
  •     Your child gets the direct personalised attention from the tutor.
  •     They can enjoy his/her/their learning without any hesitation.
  •     Your child can be comfortable with his tutor without any hesitation.
  •     Helps the tutor and the student to understand each other in a better way.
  •     He/She/They can easily ask questions and clear their doubts.

And many benefits like these, live 1:1 learning gives an essence of physical learning and you and tutor are the only ones in the class that means, you can be as comfortable as you want to be without any hesitation, helps you to clear your doubts instantly and promotes a healthy relationship between you and the tutor hence the healthy learning and good scores.

Now by the end of this blog, you have an idea of everything  including the situation, the reasons behind the situation, what are your responsibilities towards it as a parent, how you can help your child in it, how you can educate them about the precautions.

You even know what all things your child can do even while sitting at home. Inclusively, each and every con against online learning has a pro. So Online education is beneficial in not one but many ways.

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Author Name – Unsa Khan

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