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Maths is not just about numbers; it’s more than that Geometry is an interesting topic in mathematics. Consider your last birthday cake. Did it come in a square, rectangle, or circular shape?

These shapes include squares, rectangles, and circles. Geometry can teach us about all of these shapes! Learning all the terms you come across while studying geometry can be one of the most challenging parts of the subject. But the good news is that the Guru At Home has our back! When it comes to Geometry.

What is Geometry?

Geometry, from the Ancient Greek geo- “earth” and -metron (“measurement”), is a branch in mathematics that focuses on the shapes and sizes, relative positions, and properties of space Geometry is of two types – Plane geometry & Solid geometry. Solid geometry studies objects and shapes with length, width, and height. While plane geometry is the study of shapes without thickness that can only be represented on a plane surface, it is the study of those shapes

Popular Topics in Geometry

Learn and remember key geometry terms

If your kid is struggling to conceptualise all the geometric terms, you must provide them with proper lessons for that. A weak base in geometry results in failure to understand the coordinate or advanced level of geometry. Are you looking for Geometry Help? Opting for an online tutor is the best option. Geometry Lessons given by one of the best online maths tutors cover the basics of geometry and lessons that will help you understand how geometry can be applied to real-world problems—beginning with the basic Geometry terms and conditions..

What are the Basics of Geometry?

Geometry is the study and analysis of lines, angles, points, shapes, their relationships, and their properties.Let’s take a look at this definition in different pieces

Basic Geometry Terms

Point: An exact location in space is called a point. Points are named using an uppercase letter and marked by a dot such as “point A.”

Line: An infinite series of points that extend into infinity with no endpoints is called a line. The line will continue forever if there are arrows at its end. Line “AF” is formed by adding two random points to the line and naming them “A” or “F.”

Line Segment High school geometry will require you to deal with many line segments, and a line segment is not a continuous line. And it has two ends, and these endpoints can be called “A” or “F.”

Ray: Imagine a ray coming from the sun. It has an endpoint, the sun.

Angle An angle means two rays with the same endpoint, creating an angle or “v” shape.

Vertex This is where two rays meet.

Plane A piece made of paper that extends forever in all directions is a plane. Arrows would indicate the plane.

Parallel lines: Imagine a 2-lane highway that runs forever, and they never merge or split, but they remain the same distance apart. That describes parallel lines.

Intersecting lines: An example of two intersecting lines is the “X.”

Geometric Formulas

Formulas and equations can be described as the written language of mathematics. To express a mathematical rule, or relationship, symbols are used. It can be intimidating to learn a new language because everything seems so unfamiliar and difficult to understand. It will become easier to understand and easier to learn if you spend more time practicing the language.

What are Geometry Formulas?

These formulas are used to find dimensions, perimeter area, volume and area . Geometry formulas are used to determine the dimensions of 2D and 3D geometric forms. 2D shapes are flat shapes such as squares, triangles and circles. Cube, cuboid and sphere are examples of 3D shapes.

Geometry Theorems

Angle theorem

The geometry theorems “Angle theorems” illustrate the relationship between angles formed by two lines.

Triangle Theorems

We all know there are many types of triangles. Some are based on their length, such as a scalene, isosceles, or equilateral triangle. Others are based on the degree and angles, such as the acute angle triangle (right-angled triangle), obtuse triangle, and others.

Circle Theorems

Circle theorems are used to show the relationship of various elements of a circle, such as chords, angles, chords, radiuses, and sectors. These are called circle theorems.

Parallelogram Theorems

A quadrilateral called a parallelogram has both the opposite pairs parallel. There are 4 Parallelogram theorems

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