Having good essay-writing skills can elevate your performance in both academic and professional fields. Whether you are writing it for your exam or a proposal of your ideas at the workplace, knowing how to craft an effective essay can be of great help.

We are here to assist you with that.

In this article, we will provide you with 7 effective techniques you can use to improve your essay writing.

But before we do so, let us evaluate what are the qualities of a good essay. Keeping these qualities in mind, we will discuss the techniques that would take your essay writing game to another level.

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What are the qualities of a good essay?

Before we discuss the qualities of an essay, let us define the basic purpose of it. The basic purpose of an essay is to effectively convey your ideas to other people through written words.

You can convey these ideas efficiently only if your essay…

  • Is well-defined.
  • Is well-structured.
  • Delivers the message clearly without any confusion.
  • Is authentic and backs up its information with arguments and evidence.

These are the basic qualities of a good essay. Now, let us delve into the 7 effective techniques that you can acquire to improve your essay writing game.

1. Understand Your Argument:

Understanding your argument is the first thing you have to master to improve your essay writing skills. That is because the argument is the foundation of an essay. If you have no idea about your argument, you will be unable to describe your message to your readers.

To understand your argument well, you can do the following things:

  • Conduct thorough research on your assigned topic (or the topic you have chosen to write about.)
  • Identify the key points of the topic that will make people understand it better when discussed.
  • Generate counterarguments that emerge in your mind to understand your argument even better.

Once you understand what you will talk about, it will be very helpful for the next technique.

2. Know How to Make a Clear Outline:

An outline is one of the crucial elements of writing an essay. Knowing how to create it can help a get better at essay writing. The outline tells the readers about the content that your essay contains.

It saves them time that otherwise would be spent on navigating the essay and not knowing what is going to pop up next.

Making a clear outline also attracts the exact target audience.

That is because the irrelevant audience will bounce away when they read the outline knowing there is nothing relevant for them in this essay.

The case with academic outlines is different, though. Your supervisor is going to read your essay regardless of whether them being interested in it or not. How the outline will be helpful here?

 It will be helpful in two ways:

  • Navigating the essay will become easier.
  • It creates an impression that you know what you are writing about.

Make sure to master the technique of outlining your essay perfectly to improve in the essay writing field or work with an experienced online english tutor who can help improve your writing skills.

3. Always Structuralize Your Essay:

Would you read an essay that delivers the information in a vague sense? Nobody would. Your readers cannot concentrate their attention on your essay if you provide information in a scattered way.

This is the reason you should learn how to structuralize your essay.

Apply these things in your essays to ensure they are well-structured:

  • Add a concise introduction of your topic that covers each aspect of your essay.
  • Use proper headers.
  • Keep your paragraphs short and concise.
  • Add conclusion.

Applying this technique can elevate your essay writing instantly.

4.  Use Comprehensive and Clear Wording:

Unless you are required to evaluate your strong vocabulary, use simple and comprehensive wording in your essay. The whole purpose of writing an essay is to deliver your ideas successfully.

This means that you have to elaborate on whatever you want to say to your readers in a way that they easily understand without any confusion.

Imagine writing this in your essay and expecting the general audience to understand it…

Honey, nature’s bestowal, endows antiseptic and antioxidant benefits, fostering health and epicurean delight in one ambrosial elixir.

No average reader would be able to understand what you are saying. Here is how it can be described easily…

Honey is a lovely natural gift that has several health advantages. It contains inherent qualities that help defend our bodies from pathogens and fight off infections. Antioxidants included in honey help to maintain our health.

Just by simplifying the words and expanding them, the concept becomes a lot easier to understand.

Although achieving this clarity is not easy. We never know what words are easier for people to understand and what not.

This can be done by taking the help of an online rephrasing tool. These tools are designed to rephrase the content in a way that becomes easier to comprehend. They do this by replacing the weaker parts of your content with stronger and more effective ones.

5. Use Images and Illustrations:

Writing only text can make your essay dull. Adding images and illustrations can help you avoid that. Although you should keep in mind that images are only to be added in an essay where you have to explain something.


Using them without any reason can backfire.

Sometimes it becomes a necessity to provide an image to elaborate on your key points. For example, if you are to explain the basic mechanism of a petrol engine, using its diagram as an example would make a good impression on the readers.

This will also help them understand the point even better.


Writing essays for academics only requires adding images only where it explains some specific purpose. Using these images, the right way can help you increase your grades.

6. Include Evidence and Reasoning:

As we have mentioned above, authenticity is an important factor in a good essay. If you want to improve your essay writing skills, you have to start including evidence and reasoning in your essays.


A proper way to do that is by providing citations in the essay according to your writing style.

Although it can be a little hard to do so when you are explaining your point of view. In that case, make strong arguments to back up your point of view.

People tend to believe information that has strong reasoning. If you are able to provide this, your essay will shine. Otherwise, all of your efforts will be of no use.

Therefore, if you want to take your essay writing skills to the rare-air level, start using the technique of providing reasoning and evidence of what you talk about in your essay.

7. Always Proofread Before Submission:

No matter how good of a writer, you are prone to making mistakes. These mistakes could be grammatical, spelling errors, or simply something you forgot to add (or added the wrong way.) These unintentional things can bring down the quality of your essay to a great extent.

That is the reason you should always proofread your essay before submitting it. Many people submit their essays without proofreading which results in many errors in them.

 You have to cultivate a habit of proofreading if you want your essays to deliver more quality. Error-free content impresses the reader and can help raise grades.

To effectively proofread your essay, leave it for a while after writing. Then open and read it thoroughly. This trick helps identify the mistakes you made in the writing process. You can ask your friends or family members to read it for you and point out the errors.


Mastering the technique of essay writing is helpful in both academic and professional fields. You have to learn a few things to improve your essay-writing skills. These things include structuralizing the essay as well as writing it concisely and comprehensively.

You are also required to learn how to use images and provide evidence for your arguments to make the essay authentic. A detailed note on all of these points is given in the information above.



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