Why is Math Difficult for Students

Not surprisingly, the exciting subject of math seems like a nightmare to kids these days. Mathematics is an indispensable part of the education system and enables the child’s brain to think differently. However, tutors observed many children panicking and struggling with math when encountering problems.

Most of the difficulty associated with math is a phobia rather than a real problem. The reason why most students dislike learning math is the teaching environment that makes things seem beyond control and hard. The mastery of mathematics seems sorcery to the ones stumbling with basic computations. It is more likely for a confident student who lacks much knowledge to not be burdened with mathematics than a student who does not believe in himself despite knowing the concepts quite well. Mathematics might be lengthy with varied formulas that when practiced can be absorbed and assimilated well. 

Reports given by Scarpello in 2007 say that 75% of Americans stop studying math and stay away from careers requiring math skills each year. The main cause of this is deduced to be mathematics anxiety which is common not only among Americans but with the rest of the world too. It is also observed that the majority of students across the world dislike mathematics to a large extent. Research further states that learning can be influenced by factors that are cognitive or affective. Focusing on the affective factor, the negative emotions influencing the learning of math impact the learner’s ability of the subject. The perception of the child about reaching his goal is essential while considering the probability of the goal achievement.

7 Reasons Why Math is hard for Some Kids

1. Inability to visualize and understand

Oftentimes, due to lack of right guidance and teaching, children don’t find it feasible to visualize mentally and understand the formula of mathematics. The inability to grasp also affects their capability to imagine what basics look like or how to break down a given calculation. Not being able to explain the formula’s solving method in one’s own words means the child hasn’t understood the subject.

2. Lack of patience

At times, even worse than adults is the lack of patience in children. They tend to be extremely playful and forget to be attentive in their math classes. Children unknowingly ignore the importance of studying math in the early stages, later finding it hard to grasp the concepts with increasing levels of difficulty. I+t is from this crucial point that online math tutors are recommended to make sure the learning process is fun and does not go ignored.

3. Math anxiety

As mentioned previously, a common phobia that haunts students and causes them anxiety prevents them from performing well in the subject. When children fail the first time they are demotivated by their parents and teachers and hence choose to avoid practicing math, imagining it as a scary subject which can’t be studied. Guru At Home promotes friendliness and encouragement through online tutors, making the child feel comfortable learning from mistakes and failures. 

4. Concentration difficulties

Most commonly observed among children is their inability to focus on something continuously for longer periods of time. Indulgent learning is practiced by tutors at Guru At Home to occupy the child’s mind with mathematical concepts and not let the attention slip away.

5. Ineffective tutoring

Not every teacher is compatible in his/her ways of teaching with the student’s learning ability. Each student might need help in a different area or elaboration of particular concepts. When the need isn’t met or ignored the child might find it hard to move further in the process. Hence Guru At Home offers one-on-one tutoring to ensure personal attention by the online math tutors.

6. Not enough opportunity

Unlike sports or music, which can be practically performed, mathematics is more of an indoor subject. There is often not much opportunity for a child to explore more into the subject practically. This might be the reason why children run away from studying the subject or find it boring. Guru At Home helps overcome this problem by collating math with fun activities to make the learning indulgent.

7. Poor understanding

Failing to understand what math is about can put the child in a dilemma when given a choice to study math among several other subjects. The clear understanding stems from good tutoring apart from the regular school classes for which Guru At Home is recommended by a good number of parents all over the world.

A good teacher can spread knowledge, but a great tutor can create an impact. Guru At Home always sets milestones to ensure the student is always on track to improving and getting better with the progression of days. Check out and avail of our free demo session offer and many other limited-period offers and enroll your child at the earliest.


Result-oriented learning is essential to see the visible outcome that benefits the student academically. The online tutors from Guru At Home make sure to make teaching fun and focus on results too. Online math tutors for kids play an important role in grooming the math skills of students.

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