How to overcome the fear of Maths?

As a student back in school, there were days that I would fear maths most.

The day of the maths exam.

The problems with the numbers, all the geometric shapes began to swim before my eyes. I’m sure many of you can relate with this.

Students often are afraid of math. This can be seen in a resistance to understanding the subject, which results by pushing the subject away.

We believe that our experienced online tutors can aid students overcome this fear and help them succeed in a fascinating subject that will expand their minds and broaden their perspectives.

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What is Mathematics as Subject

What is Mathematics As A Subject?

Mathematics is unique in that every other area that we research stems out of our curiosity about the universe that surrounds us.

We gazed into the sky at night and, based on our curiosity about the things we observed, we came up with physics and astronomy. We studied the diversity of life that surrounds us and began to develop biological science. Then on and so forth.

However, Mathematics was a concept that began within the human brain. In fact, the genesis of Mathematics began with everyday routines, where we extracted the notions of counting and numbers. However, it quickly transcended the humble beginnings and evolved into something that we design out of our minds, pure abstract thinking.

It is no wonder that it is described as “The queen of science”.

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Why do students find Mathematics Difficult?

The reason some kids are afraid of it is because it is considered one of the most important and difficult of all subjects.

Mathematics really isn’t that difficult so as long as you know the fundamentals in the field. If you truly understand the fundamental concepts, and the methods can be applied, it’s only a matter of applying them in the correct way to tackle any issue.

In addition, no challenge is too small and you’ll always learn something new from every issue. Even the failures to solve problems can help you learn something that is new. All you require is a curiosity-driven spirit and the willingness to experiment.

You’re aware that your only chance to master how to tackle issues is by solving them. Find a way to solve as many that you are able to. Practice, practice, practice.

Websites like Guru At Home provide great sources of challenges that test your thinking. While you work on each issue consider the many ways you could tackle it (where feasible, of course) and also there are many good reasons to hire online math tutors.

This is true for all fields of human endeavour however, it is particularly true for maths. Regular practice with different kinds of questions can help to clarify the ideas and that’s the time when the fear of mathematics disappears.

Ten Strategies On How to Relieve Math anxiety and overcome Maths Phobia

1. Learn about stress management and relaxation strategies –

Techniques like meditation and deep breathing which help you calm yourself in stressful situations are also helpful in managing the stress and stress that plague students who are struggling with math anxiety.

2. Be aware of negative thoughts –

A lack of confidence is the biggest obstacle for those who suffer from math anxiety. Change those negative thoughts (“I cannot accomplish the task”, “I’ve never been proficient in mathematics”, “I won’t finish within the timeframe”) with affirmations that build confidence (“I am aware of that I can do this”, “I’m prepared”, “I can do this”).

3. Visualize yourself getting better –

The athletes use the method of “visualization” for preparing themselves for tough competition matches. Imagine yourself as being relaxed while solving math problems, and then during the test, effortlessly solve the questions without any fear.

 4. Do the “easiest” questions first –

Develop your confidence by first tackling the problems in an assignment or test you “know” the best. This will help you relax before you get to the “harder” things.

5. Channelise your stress or anxiety by doing some exercise.

Let your mind go free by relaxing or doing certain physical exercise to release stress. Run through the hallway for about a minute prior to the test.

Begin your preparations early

6. Begin your preparations early –

If you attempt to “cram” the information quickly it is likely that you will forget it very quickly. If you are given more time to work through the material, you’ll gain a greater understanding of the subject and are less likely to lose it when stressed.

7. Make sure to take care of your health –

Even though it’s hard while you’re in the classroom, eating well and sleeping on time regularly will help your body and mind work at their highest capacity.

8. It is important to know what is the “why” in math terms instead of simply memorizing.

The first thing to let go when you’re stressed will be your memory for the short term. This is the reason why it’s crucial to recognize that math isn’t an arbitrary set of rules you must memorize, but every concept is built on the previous concepts. If you know the reasoning for the rules, then you’ll retain the information from page 5 better and will be able to apply them to many different kinds of challenges (not only ones you’ve encountered previously).

9. Find online maths tutors or maths teachers that offer support.

Support from a teacher or math expert is useful for adults suffering from anxiety about math.

10. When you’ve completed a challenging task or a test, Reward yourself with some gift or break for the hard work you put in.

DON’T PANIC. It’s just a matter of fact that, no matter how complicated it appears, it can be solved with the things you already are familiar with.  These ten techniques will help you to combat math anxiety.

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