5 Valuable Computer Skills Your Child Needs to Know in the Age of Technology

Remember the times, when we all wanted to visit the lab, in our IT (computer) period?

Sometimes just to escape the boredom of the classrooms. It is probably one of the subjects we took for granted during our school years. let’s call it a revenge punch of technology in our face, that now we need to pay extra to learn the same computer skills we were offered to learn back then.

There’s hardly anything we can do without technology in today’s times. But at least now we know how important learning computer skills for kids is.

Let’s take a closer look into how technology has become a necessity in today’s world starting from

  1. Evolution in learning patterns
  • From pen/ pencils to keyboards
  • From textbooks to pdf files
  • Physical presentation in class to PowerPoint presentations
  • And above all, from physical classrooms to virtual classrooms (ms teams, gmeet, zoom etc.)

Technology did play its cards right, and is definitely running in lead right now and hence it is extremely important for everyone to walk with it. Knowing a few computer skills is a must, and to make sure your child doesn’t repeat the mistake you made, guide him right from the very beginning and encourage him to learn computer skills.

How can you encourage your child in learning computer skills?

  • Start from yourself, understand the importance of those skills.
  • Explore the skills to learn on the computer.
  • Then educate your child about those computer skills & about their importance.
  • Learning computers is not only useful but also very interesting for kids.
  • Considering the situation, look for online courses which can help your child to learn the skills.
  • For better learning choose live 1:1 classes so that your child can learn in an interactive environment and you can also monitor his growth


5 valuable computer skills

There are a number of computer skills for your child to learn, starting from the basics mentioned below are 5 of those essential skills :

  • Typing This may sound super basic and something you already must know but do they? Typing is not that easy as it seems it is infact a specialised skill, which takes years of practice to master the skill. To learn the proper use of a keyboard your child must learn with the help of a professional tutor.
  • Emailing Again not as easy as it seems, email is one of most important tools, in order to communicate, and there are several things one should focus on the minor and major tactics from subject line, to punctuation marks and a lot more. One should know the proper use of everything.
  • Word press and presentation softwares These two might sound very basic to you, but they are as useful in a student’s life as it is in your professional life. Students are assigned various assignments and presentations on a regular basis, which holds a good weightage in their results too. They must know how to use these two properly not for their good results but also because they are very useful in the long term.
  • Coding It is perhaps a professional skill but without any age boundaries in learning. If your child is interested in computer applications encourage his interests, by guiding him right and providing him the right assistance. There are various online coding classes available on the Internet for the same.
  • Security Essentials Well like everything else technology also comes with a few cons, but not anything major if you are careful while using it, it is necessary for everyone to learn about their security essentials while operating a computer.

 Apart from these there’s a lot technology has to offer, a number of computer skills one can learn. To carry forward your interests or to explore your interests you can enroll into an online course which provides tutoring for the skills you are interested to learn. It is always better to enroll into a live 1:1 course, it has its own advantages. So,

  • discover your interests
  • explore the courses
  • find your perfect tutor and
  • And achieve your goals

Happy Learning.

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