Online Tutoring vs. Online Courses: An Unbiased Opinion

We live in a technologically advanced world, from newspapers to eBooks, and from cooking to online food delivery, we have seen it all. In these times where the wave of transformation has touched every nook and corner, how can the ways of education & learning remain unaffected?

With the exponential growth in every field, we have also seen a shift in tutoring. People these days are now more inclined towards learning online rather than opting for traditional ways of learning. But, the debate now lies between the supremacy of online tutoring vs online course!

Just like a flip side to a coin, there are both pros & cons of online tutoring and also the pros & cons of online courses. The decision to choose an online tutor or online course lies solely on you and the way you find it easier to learn!

How Online Tutoring is Different from Online Classes

Opting for a tutor is different from online courses in numerous ways, but the primary difference lies in learning.

Online tutoring is a live, virtual learning platform where students can interact with their teachers on a one-on-one basis or in a group in a real-time scenario.
In contrast, online courses are a predefined and pre-structured set of lessons designed to offer students progressive learning without any real-time interaction with the faculty.

But how would do you decide?

The answer to this question lies in this blog, where you will get an unbiased opinion on online tutoring and online courses. Let’s discuss the advantages of both simultaneously.

How to choose between online tutoring and online course

A lot of students are confused between the benefits of online tutoring and the benefits of online courses and hence are not able to decide which method of online learning suits them the best. They flip through many online tutoring sites and end up choosing the traditional manner after surfing.

Here are a few key points which state the facts between online tutoring and course

Availability of tutor

While opting for online tutoring, you can set the timings according to your convenience and the faculty will be available according to your preferred timings. You don’t have to match your schedules according to the other students as many online tutoring platforms offer one on one facility of learning.

While opting for online courses, some of course have limited time period and the given topics are to be completed within a specific amount of time for which you might have to give extra hours.

Learn at your pace

One of the major benefits of online tutors is that you can learn the subject at your own pace and according to your understanding. If you can’t seem to be thorough with any topic, you can always go back to your faculty and clear your doubts as many times as you want.

Furthermore, learning with a faculty who is always there to answer to your queries is always better than the course which offers just a set of predefined lessons.

Real-time interactions

Studying with the teacher in real-time is a perk as you can ask your questions or clear the doubts right when you face them. As the teacher is present with you over the call, you can ask your queries right when you encounter them, and this is a significant advantage of online tutoring over online courses.

On the contrary, if you go for an online course, you have no one to clear your doubts, and you have to solve the issue by yourself, which sometimes poses a problem.

To Summarize

No matter which way of online learning you opt for, make sure that you choose the one that suits your needs the best. Many other factors govern online tutoring vs. online courses like conveyance, pocket-friendliness, or even technological issues, but both offer an excellent learning platform.

Guru at home understands your concern regarding the dilemma between online tutor and online course and provides a teaching solution to suit your requirements so that you will never have to compromise in education!

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