4 Golden Rules to Make Online Learning Effective

What is Online tutoring?

Online tutoring is not a concept which was introduced recently, it is in fact a concept which has been in action since long, but got a little more hype in 2020, due to the whole Covid situation.

It is basically a facility of hiring an online tutor for yourself or for your kid, from any part of the world. It allows you to take lessons from the warmth of your home, irrespective of your geographical boundaries.

Benefits of Online Tutoring

  • Eliminates geographic restrictions in learning
  • Cheaper than coaching institutions
  • Save your time and resources
  • Give parents a liberty to monitor their child’s learning
  • Easy access to the study material
  • Liberty of communication (can contact the tutor anytime.
  • Personalised attention by the tutor
  • No risk of transmitting infectious diseases
  • Less peer pressure

Apart from these there are a number of reasons for why one should opt for online tutoring instead of regular tuition.

  • Online tutoring doesn’t let your child restrict his learning to a particular point, he’s free to explore his options even globally.
  • Learning a language from any tutor and learning the same language from someone who uses that as a native language creates a huge difference.

Future of Personalised Learning

  • We all know, technology is limitless and everything from this point lies in the lap of technology.
  • The global pandemic forced the education system to shift to virtual mode, and it is when we got a chance to explore our digital options.
  • With personal experience Digital learning is not just convenient it is a lot more effective and efficient than it seems.
  • With unlimited resources, and a number of options, one can explore as much he wishes to.

Considering all the pros and cons, one should definitely put his faith in Online tutoring. It is one of the most effective and leading ways of learning in today’s time for students, parents and tutors. Technology has made it easy for us, now it’s up to us how good are we gonna extract from that.

4 Golden Rules to Make Online Learning Effective

 The education system of the entire world has discovered and approached the online learning opportunities. It is not a new concept but has got a little more limelight due to the whole Covid’19 situation.

 But the question is, Is online teaching or learning as effective as physical learning?

 It indeed is, you just need to know the drill to tackle everything with ease, you need to be familiar with the methods and adapt the same.

And all you need to know about about online teaching/learning 4 golden online teaching rules :

1.  Mutual efforts of students & teachers –

  • To make your teaching/learning 10 times better and effective you need to put equal effort as your student/teacher.
  • If you’re an e-learning teacher you need to make sure your online teaching lessons are interactive so that your students feel engaged and involved in the class.

2.  Help your students discover new opportunities –

There are a number of opportunities available online for aspiring students, to help them to discover those opportunities, so that they take interest in learning and discovering more.

3.  Keep calling out your students in between the class –

In an online lecture students have the individual access to their video and mic, you can’t force them to keep them turned on, but you can try that they do.

  • Keep checking on them in between if they are understanding what you’re teaching or not.
  • Ask questions.
  • Interact with them.

4.  Keep periodic tests –

Weekly or monthly test your student’s learning on the basis of your teaching. So that they can improve their learning skills and you can improve your teaching if needed to.

These were the 4 golden online teaching/learning skills for students and teachers through which they can achieve a successful state in both the processes.

Implement them in your online teaching & learning and see the difference for yourselves.

Teach, learn and discover with your mates, Good luck!

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