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If you are here reading this blog, I am assuming you have already implemented the most important tip you need to study and that is the will power from within. You can’t do anything in this world until you don’t want to.

The moment you decide to convert your thoughts into your wants, you’re already halfway in achieving your goals and that’s the key skill my friend.

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So congratulations, level 1 is clear now let’s take a closer look into level 2 of your game, well yes you will have to consider your studies a game you enjoy playing instead of a battle you have to win.

Why stress over the spilled condiments?

when we can actually enjoy the whole process. Wait, I know that you have already crossed level 1, but did you understand the guide?

If no then this is the right to time to have a look at it, yes by guide i mean your syllabus now before you question me about how can I complete level 1 without looking at the syllabus, so go back to my question and re read it, understand yeah, that’s the keyword.

  • You must understand your syllabus before proceeding.
  • Need help in understanding? Here’s your manual guide, your tuition teacher.

Again, lame! I mean, you would have played outdoor games if you wanted to go out, but you are playing video games for your convenience, so why not call your tutor at your home?

But you want to stay on screen rather than study? Okay then, let’s call your home tuition teacher on your screen through Guru At Home’s online live 1:1 classes.

And then, your manual guide, I mean your tutor will teach you the tricks to win the game and guide you towards not just good scores but great learning skills.

Before entirely depending on your tuition teacher, remind yourself that he’s just guiding you. You are supposed to win the game so make sure you are playing your part right. How?

9 Important points for effective study

  • Set a time table
  • yes you need to wake up early
  • Obviously you will have to sleep early to wake up early. So improve your sleeping schedule.
  • Now that you have a time table, you must know your goals, so convert them in intervals in that time table.
  • Make sure you cover each and every subject, yes even computer and moral science.
  • Your mom makes amazing food, and guess what? That’s far healthier than your junk food so eat that in a moderate quantity.
  • Now that you won’t get sick because you ate healthy you have more time to add to that time table.
  • But what? C’mon Just good grades are not your aim, add meditation or some physical exercise in that time table, because Scrolling Instagram won’t increase your concentration power.
  • Still some time left? Do whatever you love to do in that time.

That’s about it,

  • improve your schedule,
  • set your goals
  • Practice your lessons
  • And trouble your tutors with your doubts.

And you are good to go, fine, pamper yourself with a junk meal on your result day, because I know you will achieve your goals.

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