How to calm yourself during exam pressure?

Exams’ the word itself comes with tons of pressure in a student’s life. But what’s the whole point of educating one, without testing them and that makes exams important. But let’s just face it, A student during examination time faces a lot more pressure than in his usual routine.

Who doesn’t wanna be the best? But make sure you don’t lose your confidence in the process.

Working hard towards your goals is a good thing, but don’t push yourself beyond your capabilities.

The pressure to catch up with everything is a lot to handle, you have to make sure that you don’t miss out on anything. And it is not possible to do that in a regular online class or even physical class, there are some activities in boarding schools in India which are necessary for your overall development, and you can’t do everything perfectly in that time span.

How can you tackle the situation?

  • For better time management opt for online tutoring classes.
  • There are a number of online tutoring sites running successfully in India who help you and connect you with online tutors for every subject like Math, science etc.
  • Look out for apps for tutoring, and choose what’s best for you based on their services, facilities, ratings etc.
  • Choose live tutoring over Video tutoring.
  • If you’re looking for a Math tutor, take demo classes, and then choose the one who’s teaching pattern suits your understanding because online math tutoring is slightly trickier.

How to calm yourself?

  • Maintain a healthy routine with a healthy diet and good sleep schedule.
  • Practice physical activities daily.
  • Set realistic goals, instead of pressuring yourself with too much.
  • Challenge and test yourself.
  • Practice and study daily with adequate time.
  • No one knows your capabilities better than you, challenge your capabilities but don’t push yourself forcefully to achieve them.
  • Nervousness is common but don’t let that be a hurdle in your journey, calm yourself and practice medication.

Teacher’s roles

  • Help your students conquer his weakness.
  • Be calm and patient with your students.
  • Teach students to fight stress.
  • Make sure your student is understanding your teaching pattern.
  • Don’t pressurise him too much.
  • Quality over quantity ; focus on his growth instead of his scores.

Online tutoring in India is not just helpful and convenient for students but also widens the employment options through online tutoring jobs. It is convenient and safe to learn and teach from the safe spaces of homes.

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