Parents Turn to Online Tutors to Keep Kids Learning and Motivated

Turning to an online tutor is a win-win situation for both parents and children. People who have a choice to tackle their difficulties in the current situation should consider themselves lucky, and we are lucky that we have the ways to keep things at continuity.

The times are vulnerable but be grateful to the technology, which gave us a fortune to create “A new normal” for the sake of continuity of things and make utmost use of it, for the betterment of all.

Challenges faced

  • Educational loss – With the extension on the closure of schools due to the tragic pandemic situation, parents are more worried about their child’s educational loss.
  • Online classes in schools failing – Online education remains to be in action, but we know it’s not possible for a school teacher to give personalised attention to each and every student in the class and it becomes difficult for them to monitor the growth each and every student, the process becomes a bit easier in schools but god knows when are they going to reopen considering the current situation and compromising with your child’s education at his/her learning stage is not an option.
  • Switch to online tutors – To help keep kids learning and motivated Parents turn to online tutors which we believe is a great choice.
  • How can an online tutor help your kid – When parents chooses a personal online tutor for their child, they know that the personal tutor is definitely gonna provide their child something out of the box, something schools are failing to provide right now due to the situation challenges, and with the help of an online tutor they are helping their kid to keep learning with motivation.
  • Focus on your child’s growth – The tutor makes sure that he provides everything he needs to, to help his student achieve his goals, through an online tutor parents and even students themselves can monitor their growth. The personalised attention given by the tutor keeps the learning process interesting and keeps the child motivated.

Students feel disconnected, families turn to tutors to get through online learning

Shifting from regular to new, adapting to the change, feeling comfortable in that all of this takes time. Especially for kids, they cannot adjust into a new environment in a flash. They need better guidance, understanding, comfort and time.

They took time to adjust in their school, to adapt to that environment and now they are required to repeat the whole procedure in their virtual school, all thanks to Covid’19 outbreak. Since the whole virtual process doesn’t involve any physical interaction, personalised attention, students feel disconnected; they can’t focus on what is going on in the class, trying to understand the whole approach.

And there’s no one to blame for that, the school teachers are adapting to the change too, they are trying their best to reach out to their students but somehow it’s not possible for them to look after each and every student in a class of 40-60 students. Parents are going through their own struggles.

Then who can help the kids to feel connected again?

Who can help them to catch up with everything?

The answer to this is An online tutor. Yes, now you must be wondering how an online tutor provides a solution to the whole online school situation.

Well, it’s not the approach that’s failing, it’s the difficulties involved in them which is creating chaos.

Difference between online school and online tutoring for kids

  • Strength – In a regular school’s online class there are about 40-60 students in one virtual meeting, hence it becomes very difficult for one or two teachers to keep a track of all the students and the situation becomes even more complicated with technical issues like bad network connections however with tutor for kids in an online 1:1 class, the whole focus of the student tutor and student is on each other in that case the situation becomes a lot more easier.
  • Personalised attention – As mentioned above, the complications involved don’t allow a school teacher to pay personal attention to each student, and it is manageable by an online tutor.
  • Interaction – Students don’t have much physical facetime with their teachers which makes them feel disconnected and hence the less interest in learning. Physical facetime is also not possible with a virtual tutor but he makes sure that kids interact with him/her, they feel connected and once that is revived, the learning won’t be just easier but much more interesting.

How can parents help their children to feel connected in an online class/tuition?

  • Try to be around your child, when he’s in a class and help him tackle things.
  • Make sure he practices everything he learnt in his last sessions.
  • Help him to communicate with his/her teacher/tutor.

Steps should be taken by parents

  • Keep a track on your kid’s screen time.
  • Make sure your child is performing some physical activity when he’s at home.
  • Help him improve his schedule.
  • Help him generate a healthy food and sleep cycle.

You just need to follow the right pattern, and you can succeed in the new normal, identify the difficulties your child is facing, and provide him with help according to that, if you need to take professional help for him. Take it. There are plenty of tutors for kids available online.

Be available for your child when he needs you because excessive screen time also results in frustration. Your child can easily fit in the new normal. He just needs the right guidance, a better understanding, your support and lots of patience.

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